Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Summary

Huge pub lunch, Romantic Krispy Kreme, Post, Obligatory chilli beef tacos made by Pete, I love GU puddings.

I've had a fairly quite week as I have a cold and am feeling a bit rubbish, I went shopping on Thursday with my mom and as I've just got paid for all my Christmas overtime I treated myself to lots of nice new things including quite a few new clothes so expect a couple of haul posts next week. 
Pete and I have been house sitting since Friday night so obviously Pete made me tacos and tonight he's cooking me spag bol, we've mostly been drinking tea and watching dvds in our usual old married couple fashion. After my huge week day spending spree I think a quiet weekend was just what my bank account needed.
Next week I'm working most days so I expect it'll be quite a quiet week but the week after is valentines day so I'm going to be busy trying to think of what to get Pete as so far I'm very low on ideas.



  1. All that food looks amazing I really want a Krispy Kreme right now!
    Hope you feel better soon, colds are the worst xx

  2. all of the food looks soo yummy, ive had a cold this weeek aswell xxx

  3. They're opening a Krispy Kreme near me and the day I was ill and would have been in the town centre for lunch they handed out boxes of 12 for free! I was gutted x

    1. They did that when the one near me opened up and I missed out too

  4. Yummy foods! :D

  5. The romantic Krispy Kreme is really cute!

    Kimberley x


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