Monday, 25 March 2013

Review: Lush The Brightside

I was very excited to use this as it looks very similar to my other favourite bubble bars; Blue Skies, The Comforter and Karma, as soon as I opened my parcel I was hit by the wonderful scent of this bar. Lush describe the scent as Triple Orange and it is packed with tangerine oil which makes the scent very strong and citrusy, however the scent wasn't quite as strong as I imagined it would be once I'd crumbled the bar into the water and I was a bit disappointed at how the scent weakened throughout my bath although it was still very noticeable but just not quite as strong as I usually expect from Lush. 
It created loads of fluffy bubbles, for the amount showed below I used just under a quarter of the bar which I thought was quite impressive and as with all Lush bubble bars the bubbles lasted ages.
If I wasn't on my spending ban I would definitely have bought a couple more of these before they disappear but I'm really trying to stick to it so I just hope this returns next Easter.

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  1. If I was a lush product I'd definitely be this one - I loooove citrus smells and it matches my hair haha :')

  2. This sounds nice, I'd buy it but I went on a massive Lush splurge on Friday so I probably shouldn't let myself near the shop again x

  3. Oh wow this bubble bar looks awesome :O
    Hope it returns, I may need to buy all of them haha



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