Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review: Lush Henata Bath Ballistic

This slightly odd hen shaped bath bomb is another one of Lush's Easter products, the idea with this is that it's like a bath bomb pinata it's very brightly coloured and has even more brightly coloured goodies waiting inside. 
The smell is lovely and is really quite similar to the Easter Bubble Bar The Brightside, with a big helping of tangerine oil which makes this very cirtusy and fresh but this also has slightly floral tones and the smell is a lot stronger and longer lasting compared to The Brightside.

Once I reached the middle of the Henata loads of pretty flowers and petals burst out and floated around and a little green egg came out and fizzed about slowly, there was also another blue egg hidden in the hens chest. 
This was pretty expensive at £4.50 which is a lot for a bath bomb but it is massive and is designed for more than one use, you're actually supposed to smash this in half to add to the pinata element but I thought this might make a big mess so I just held it in the water until half of it had dissolved. 
Overall I did like this a lot but I wouldn't buy another as for the price I'd much prefer to buy a bubble bar.

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  1. this looks so cool, but i agree with you that for the price i would rather get other things. great post, i always love to see what the lush bath bombs look like when they are put in the bath! xx

  2. Nice idea, but I also prefer bubble bars :)


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