Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sunday Summary

Holographic nail varnish, New Marc Jacobs perfume, Relaxing, Doodling bunnies, Dyed my hair, Colorful accessories.

This has been a long week and I'm pretty exhausted, unfortunately I haven't had much time to blog but I'm hoping to get a few reviews up this week as I've been trying lots of new things this recently. 
I'm graduating on Friday finally, I find it pretty ridiculous that I finished my course nearly a year ago and am only just graduating but I am looking forward to it and we're going to go for a nice meal afterwards.

: ]


  1. Very beautiful captures! Have a great week! :)


  2. Congratulations on the graduation! Mine was similar - I finished and got my degree in August but didn't walk until June. Still, I was glad I did it. Love the nails!

  3. I love how you've dyed your hair- hope you have a lovely time at your graduation
    Daniella x

  4. Your hair looks amazing, enjoy your graduation x


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