Saturday, 20 April 2013

100 Day No Spending Update Week 6

It's day 44 and I've had my first proper break of my ban, I'm starting run low on a few things I use daily like toner, body scrub, face wipes etc. Also my skin has been acting up a bit this week which I think is due to the cleansers I'm using, at the moment I've got a No7 Cleansing Foam and Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean, the No7 cleanser was really good when I first started using it but recently I think it's just not tough enough for my combination skin, Peaches & Clean is much better but I like to alternate my cleansers and as I'm nearly out of the No7 one I decided to make a little purchase. 
So technically that wasn't breaking my ban but instead of trying to be good and just popping to Boots and picking up a fairly cheap cleanser I decided to treat myself and my skin and made a little Origins order, I ordered the Never A Dull Moment Cleanser which is £17.00 and I didn't stop there I also ordered the Out Of Trouble Mask which is £20.00. Origins are currently offering free standard delivery which was partly what swayed me into making the order, you also get a few samples with your order you get two little 5ml samples of your choice with any order and with orders over £30 you get a trio of 15ml samples, unfortunately they have run out of the Checks & Balances samples so I'll just be getting two samples with my order.
Never A Dull Moment™Out of Trouble®
I don't feel too guilty about the mask as I know it will last me absolutely ages but the cleanser definitely counts as me breaking my ban, this has been my first proper break and as we're nearing the half way point of the ban I think I've done pretty well so far and I'm going to get back on form next week.
I did make another purchase this week but I'm not really viewing that as a break, I ordered this pretty headband to wear to Pete's dads wedding next week I'm wearing a black dress so I wanted something sparkly to liven it up a bit and make sure it looks a little more wedding appropriate it was £14.00 from Dorothy Perkins and I'm going to pick it up in store on Monday as it was cheaper than getting it delivered.
Well congratulations if you made it through all that waffle, you can read my previous (much shorter) updates here:

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