Friday, 12 April 2013

Feature Friday: April Wishlist

April Wishlist

These wishlist posts get longer every month, I definitely think the spending ban is making me lust after pretty clothes a lot more than usual.

  1. I already have the white and grey blue versions of this and the fit is great so I would love to add the Burgundy to my spring wardrobe.
  2. It's a hair brush shaped like a dinosaur skull, who wouldn't want that.
  3. I've always had a soft spot for Iron Fist and this bag is just gorgeous.
  4. I am so tempted to buy this but alas my ban is holding strong and I'm currently resisting, as much as I love my other khaki jacket this one would make a great addition to my wardrobe it's a lot more fitted than my jacket and it has a hood which is always handy, oh and it's on sale right now.
  5. I love a nice floaty kimono for the spring/summer and this animal print one looks perfect.
  6. I have absolutely no need for another spiky necklace but it's so pretty.
  7. This jacket is just perfection.
  8. I already have a stag necklace but this one is a lot bigger, although I'd prefer it in silver.
  9. I love this and it's now on sale for just £12.00 and there's free delivery but they only have size 8s left which is too small for me so this is not destined to be mine.
  10. This is so cute, I've been wanting something adorable to keep my phone in for ages but as I don't own an iPhone or Blackberry my options have been very limited, I'm also very clumsy so this would be really useful in  protecting my phone from the many times I drop it.
  11. A simple white tee with lots of pretty turquoise embellishments, what more could I ask for.
  12. I've wanted these boots for a while and they are now on sale for £15.00 I am very tempted to actually buy these as I really need some new shoes for work and I need something with a bit of a heel otherwise I get backache.
  13. And last but not least this gorgeous floral boyfriend blazer, I really really want a new blazer so I may have to purchase this after my ban if it's still around.
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