Saturday, 4 May 2013

100 Day No Spending Update Weeks 7 & 8

Week 7-
I was in Scotland last week so I didn't get chance to post last weeks up date, sadly I had another little fail; Debenhams had a 20% off promotion last week and I ended buying a few things. I had to go in anyway so Pete could get some shoes for his dad's wedding and I bought a blue shawl to wear for it too, but after those sensible purchases I ended up also buying some Jelly Beans, some studded flats to wear to work which were pretty cheap as I got them from the kids section, a couple of new pillows and this very pretty blouse which was an absolute bargain; it already had 70% off and there was another 20% off that with the promotion and then I got my staff discount too.
I also bought a few things from Boots that I'd run out of and some shampoo to take to Scotland, there was 3 for 2 on the Soap & Glory so I got a mini Flake Away too and there was 3 for 2 on all travel minis so I got one of the conditioners free. I'm out of my Lush Toner so I repurchased that and got a couple of samples to try while I was there. 
So although I bought a couple of things I didn't go crazy and splurge despite it being payday that week.

Week 8- 
It's day 58 today so I'm past the half way point of my ban, I did much better this week and feel like I'm back on track, the only things I've bought this week are food and two of the three magazines I buy each month.

You can read my past updates here-

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