Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lush Sunnyside Bubble Bar

When I popped in Lush a little while ago I intended to pick up a couple of bubble bars but instead of going straight for one of my favourites I decided to buy a couple I've never tried before so I picked Sunnyside and Dorothy. 
Sunnyside is a gold glitter covered bar packed with citrus oils;  Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Lemon Oil and Tangerine Oil, it smells a lot like The Brightside bubble bar that was around at Easter but is a little sweeter and less in your face. I crumbled half the bar into running water which made loads of bubbles and made the water a pretty gold colour although all the glitter sank to the bottom and I had to rinse the tub out afterwards as it was left with a hefty gold sheen. Once in the water I found that the scent was very subtle which was a little disappointing but I think this was down to the fact I'd had the bar for about two months before I used it so some of the smell had faded. As with all Lush bubble bars it created an impressive amount of bubbles that lasted ages and made for a really relaxing soak.
I really liked this even though it's never appealed to me before and the scent was really great for summer, I can see myself buying one of these again but if I had less than £4.00 and could only buy one bubble bar then I'd go for Karma over this anyday.

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