Thursday, 16 May 2013

Review: MUA Undressed Primer

A couple of weeks ago I began to run out of my Rimmel Fix And Perfect Primer and to be honest I wasn't really liking it very much as it was a little bit sticky and I think it was making me break out a little so when I saw this new MUA primer I thought I'd give it a try. 
I did try MUA's original primer and absolutely hated it, it was runny and greasy so really didn't suit my combination skin, but this claimed to have a velvety texture which would be better suited to my skin.
Lets start with the one thing that I really dislike about this primer and that would be the packaging, when I was buying the primer I noticed that quite a few of the bottles had leaked but I thought it was due to people testing them out but after I used it for the first time I put in my make and it leaked quite a lot so I've since had to make sure I keep the bottle upright. The bottle itself is also glass so it's not great if you plan on taking it on holiday as it could easily get broken.
Now to the primer itself, I was much more impressed with this than I thought I'd be the texture is very light and velvety so it glides easily over the skin and gives a pretty smooth base for my foundation and keeps it in place all day. It is really similar to the 17 Photoflawless primer I used to love but a little more fluid and it's already lasting a lot longer than the 17 primer.
I will be repurchasing this as it's a lot better for my skin than the Rimmel Fix and Perfect primer and is great value for money I just wish they would improve the packaging.

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