Saturday, 15 June 2013

100 Day No Spending Update Week 14- It's Over!

Today is day 100 of the No Spending challenge and it is finally over, so here were the rules I gave myself at the start of the challenge:
  1. I will not buy any nail varnish at all for the 100 days.
  2. I can only purchase make-up if it is an essential repurchase like foundation for example.
  3. I will not buy any skincare or bath products unless it is a necessary repurchase.
  4. I will cut down on my fast food intake and try to take food with me to work.
  5. I will not buy any Lush products except for skincare items that are part of my everyday routine and only if I have run out of previous products.
  6. I will avoid clothes shopping completely unless it's something I really need for example I may need to purchase some work shoes soon.
  7. I will only purchase 3 magazines a month and will not waste money on weekly magazines, I will purchase Glamour, Company and Cosmopolitan and that is all. 
I found it quite easy for the first 50 days but the second half wasn't so easy and I had quite a few slips, so I thought I'd go through my slips.
  • I bought the Models Own Splash collection and a nail art pen when Boots had a 3 for 2 offer so two of the nail varnishes were free.
  • The only make-up I bought that wasn't a necessary repurchase was one Barry M eye shadow.
  • Other than my three monthly magazines I bought the Company High Street Edit and one Vogue during the 100 days.
  • My biggest challenge was trying to stop myself splurging in Lush after work but in the 100 days I bought 2 bubble bars and 1 bath bomb which by my usual standards isn't bad.
  • I bought Paco Rabanne Lady Million during mega week at work as there was 20% off and then I got staff discount as well.
  • I had a serious slip and made a naughty Origins order for £37 in week 6.
  • I bought one dress from H&M for £12.99 for my holiday in a couple of weeks.
And during my last week I bought a few little bits:

I ran out of my favourite body scrub and decided I couldn't be without it but luckily I had just enough points on my Boots advantage card to get myself a new one so this didn't actually cost me anything.

I popped to Lush to get Pete's mom a birthday present and had to repurchase my toner I also treated myself to some Lush soap as I just ran out of thier Egg Hunt soap so I picked up Porridge to try out.

This was a definite impulse purchase I've been thinking about getting a body brush for a little while and I picked this one up at work as their was 25% off this and then staff discount so I got this for about £5.00

I also got myself some sun cream from work which was definitely a necessary purchase as I burn incredibly easily, I've actually managed to burn when it's been overcast before so even though I'm only going to Wales I needed to get this and it was reduced from £15.40 to about £7.00 and then I got a further staff discount.

I had 300 points on my Superdrug card so I decided to repurchase this Aussie conditioner as it was reduced to £3.50 so it cost me just 50p. So I made a couple of purchases this week but I made some really good savings in the process. 

 And that's it my 100 Day No Spending Challenge is over and although there were a few weeks where I slipped up I tried to get myself out of the habbit of after work shopping and impulse online purchases which were getting out if hand. I also made a real effort to stop spending so much on fast food and snacks at work which I definitely succeeded in with the help of my Graze boxes, I have bought the occasional Subway but only on days where I've done impromptu overtime and ended up having an unplanned lunch break. 
I've been looking through my wishlist posts from the past 100 days and for the most part I'm happy that I didn't impulsively buy the things on my lists but there are a few things that I still really like so I may make a few purchases next week of things I really really love. 

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  1. I cant live without Lush tea tree water its so good! :) I always have spending bans haha but limit to only buy essentials now :) xx


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