Thursday, 6 June 2013

Ali Mac Skincare Review- Chamomile Face Polish

I apologise for my somewhat sporadic blogging of late but between work and having a cold I've not found much time to blog, but I'm back and today I have a skincare review for you lovely lot. 
Ali Mac is a fairly new brand that debuted at the Scottish Beauty Show back in April, Ali Mac produce a range of high quality natural and organic skincare products free from; Parabens, Synthetic Colourants, Synthetic fragrance, Petrochemicals, Silicons, Pthalates and Mineral Oils, there products are all endorsed by the Soil Association which means that at least 70% ingredients in each product are organic and they do not test anything on animals. 
As a huge fan of brands like Lush and Origins I am always happy to discover skincare products that use natural ingredients especially from UK brands, so I was really pleased to get the chance to try out a couple of Ali Mac products and share my thoughts with you lovely people.
Ali Mac Chamomile Face Polish
Firtsly I love the packaging and the smell of this polish is gorgeous, as soon as you take off the lid you're greeted with a sweet citrus like scent thanks to the beautiful mix of Mandarin Orange Peel Oil with the floral scents of Lavander Flower Oil and Chamomile Flower Oil.
I also quite like the texture of this polish, the best way I can think to describe it is it's a lot like Lush Ocean Salt face scrub but a lot more gentle, instead of large bits of salt this contains sugar so it still exfoliates your skin without stripping it or leaving you with sore skin. I'm not saying Lush Ocean Salt is bad, I actually love it, but I know as a lot of people find it much too harsh on their skin so this is a much more gentle alternative. The cleansing part of the formula is extremely softening and moisturizing with the main ingredients being Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil. As you might know I have slightly oily combination skin so all these ingredients together are a little much for my skin, I've been using this for couple of weeks now and I've found that if I use it for two days in a row my skin feels a little weighed down by so many moisturizing ingredients but if I use it every couple of days my skin feels soft and fairly well balanced. 
You apply this to your face and neck using circular motions and then remove it using a damp cloth this ensures that your skin is well exfoliated and none of the cleaner is left behind. My skin has been feeling a little sore and tight lately (probably due to the fact it's really hot in work at the moment) so my skin has really benefited from the gentleness of this face polish and the extra moisture, I've also found the lovely scent very relaxing to use after as long day at work. 

I also received a little sample of the Chamomile Face Balm (not pictured), I was quite hesitant about trying this as it has a very thick balmy formula which is a little too much for my skin but I have found recently that the skin just beneath my eyes had been quite sore and dry so thought I'd give it a go just on these areas and it really helped, within a couple of days the dryness was almost completely gone and despite the oily texture of the balm my skin was left soft and fairly matte, I wouldn't apply this to my whole face as it's too rich for my skin but it is fantastic on any dry areas I have and even helps on the dry patches on my upper arms. So I was really pleasantly surprised with it and I'd imagine if you suffer from dry skin this could work wonders, as with the face polish it has a lovely soothing chamomile scent.
 Price wise I'd say the products are fairly standard for organic skincare, they aren't cheap but the products are high quality and make wonderful skincare treats for your skin.

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