Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Summary

Lush Bugsplat, Missed the postie, Trying my first OPI, Having a duvet day with Sparkie and feeling generally pathetic, Graze box number 3, Graze popcorn is absolutely delicious, Never get tired of Clueless, Painted moms nails, Had my first ever blood test and a panic attack, Naughty online purchases, Gross little jelly man, Had a Harry Potter marathon.

Well I've pretty much been a hermit for the past two weeks, the week before last I started to feel a bit run down I put it down to a cold and carried on going to work as usual and went out for lunch for Fathers Day to a Chinese then went for drinks with Pete and his dad I didn't have that much but the next day I felt awful. When the run down feeling didn't go by Tuesday morning I decided to go to the doctor as I'd also noticed parts of my neck looked and felt quite swollen, the doctor, after prodding and poking me, said it's probably Glandular Fever but I'd have to have a blood test to make sure and I mustn't drink as Glandular Fever can make your liver and spleen swollen. He told me to have the week off work which has meant I've spent this entire week at home watching dvds and taking naps as I've felt stupidly tired all the time, I left the house once to go get my blood test (they took 5 vials of blood!) so I'm starting to feel a little stir crazy. 
I'm going to Tenby on Tuesday for a few days away with Pete, I'm really looking forward to it and as I'm not allowed to drink it should be a lot cheaper than usual and as it's a lot warmer than when we went in March we should be able to spend some time on the beach rather than spending all our time in the arcade.

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