Tuesday, 30 July 2013

NOTD- OPI and Barry M

This was my first awful attempt at using nail guides although if you ignore the orange the two blues were fairly good, the problem was the orange didn't cover the blue very well so I ended up putting too much on and when I peeled off the stickers it took half the clumpy varnish with it. I will be having another go using some of the other guides I've got but I'll make sure I pick really opaque shades next time.
I used:
OPI- Can't Find My Czechbook* (possibly my new favourite colour)
Barry M Gelly- Blackberry
Barry M Gelly- Mango

The right hand looks a little better.

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Sponsor Sammy Scribble for August

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Monday, 29 July 2013

July Products Of The Month

It has been absolutely ages since I posted one of these but I thought I'd share with you a few of the products that I've been reaching for most during this hot stuffy weather.

Ricci Ricci By Nina Ricci
I actually bought this from Debenhams last year but have only recently started using it, it smells quite summery to me it's quite sweet and floral and the scent lasts ages on my skin.

Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask
I will be reviewing this soon as I think it deserves a post all of it's own but basically I absolutely love this, my skin is combination and it's been more on the oily side during all this hot weather leaving it feeling quite congested but this mask is tough enough to thoroughly cleanse and refresh my skin.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Conditioner
As I've mentioned before I like to have slightly lighter hair during the summer months so I usually add a product or two from the Go Blonder range to my haircare routine and I particularly enjoy using this conditioner, it leaves my hair really soft and it smells quite summery and fresh.

Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water
I've been keeping this in my handbag and have used it so much I've just bought my second can, the air con at work has been broken for ages so it's been almost unbearably hot during the heatwave so this has been extremely handy, I use it a lot at work and before bed it leaves my skin feeling really refreshed.

Topshop Lips Crystal Lip Tint
I don't like using anything too heavy or sticky on my lips in the summer and this is the perfect in between product it has a balm like texture when applied which softens my lips, it applies clear before turning a bright pink based on the ph balance of your lips I reviewed the old version of this on my blog before but the new version leaves a much brighter and longer lasting tint.

The Body Shop Eyeshadow in Bronze Bliss
I bought this when I had a £5 voucher for The Body Shop and I've actually used it a lot, it is incredibly soft and applies really easily with very little fallout, it has a shimmery finish so I usually blend a darker matte brown over the top of it around the outer corners of my lids to town down the shimmer.

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday Summary + eBay

Origins Clear Improvement Mask, Part of my OOTD, Graze Shortbread is so yummy, Pete has a paddling pool and after 5 years he's only just told me so we had to blow it up immediately, BBQ at Pete's dad's, This months wishlist, New boots, Bought the family a dozen after a work, Very naughty purchase, Pudding mountain at Cosmos, Having a wardrobe sort out ready to eBay things, Outfit including new trousers.

My last Sunday Summary was a bit on the negative side but that was three weeks ago and things are so much better now, as you may remember I haven't been very well and after several blood tests I've been told I'm Anemic my last blood test showed my blood count went down to 7.9 which is pretty low as it's supposed to be around 13. Well I've been feeling much better since starting on Iron Tablets 3 weeks ago although they are making me feel quite nauseous but I'm going for another blood test tomorrow so hopefully my blood count should have risen to a more healthy level.
I had this week off as I had some holiday hours to use up so I've been having a quiet relaxing week and enjoying the sunshine, Pete and I went to the cinema with my parents to see Pacific Rim (it was hilariously bad) on Wednesday and it was really sunny on Thursday so we decided to use our free return ticket to the Safari Park.
I also had a huge clear out of my wardrobe as it was getting a bit ridiculous so I've put some things up on my Ebay including a pinstripe Criminal Damage Jacket I've had it for a few years but have hardly worn it which is such a shame as it's gorgeous so I thought I'd sell it so it can actually get worn, if anyone fancies checking out the goodies you can do- here prices start at just 50p and I'm adding more tonight.

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

NOTD- Water Marbled

I had a day off last week so I thought I'd have a little go at water marbling it was incredibly messy and it took literally hours to get all the varnish off my fingers afterwards but I quite liked how they turned out although some were a lot better than others.
I used a lot of different colours so I may have forgotten one but I think these are all the colours I used:
Barry M Gelly in Blackberry
Barry M in Blue Moon
Models Own in Top Turquoise
Barry M in Lemon Ice Cream
Models Own in Pastel Pink
Miss Sporty in It's Not My Name

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Recent Purchases

Crystal Lip Tint- £9.00 Topshop // Collar Studs- £3.50 Topshop // 
Tea Tree Toner- £3.95 Lush // Creamy Candy Bubble Bar- £2.50 Lush // Sex Bomb Bath Bomb- £3.20 Lush // Space Girl Bath Bomb- £2.10 Lush // Twilight Bath Bomb- £3.20 Lush // Karma Bubble Bar- £3.15  Lush // The Comforter Bubble Bar- £4.25 Lush
Barry M Gelly Nail in Mango and Key Lime- £3.99 each // Revenge Wears Prada- £3.49 Sainsburys // T-shirt Dress- £19.50 Asos  // T-shirt With Cut Out Back- £3.00 H&M // Faux Shearling Lapel Collar- £6.50 Asos // Western Tip Belt- £6.00 Asos // Studded Creepers- £9.99 Ebay // Studded Boots- £38.50 Asos.

I've been pretty impulsive with my spending recently so I thought I'd do a little haul post of everything I've bought over the past month since my spending ban ended. 
I popped into Topshop after work on Tuesday to treat myself to the Crystal Lip tint and I had a little browse through the sale jewellery and spotted the collar studs so I ended up buying those as well. I haven't had any Lush bombs or bubble bars for ages so I went a bit nuts and bought all my favourites as well as repurchasing my toner as I'm nearly out.
I really didn't need any new nail varnishes but I felt like adding a couple of more summery colours to my collection so I went for these super bright Gelly nail paints.
I actually bought the tie dye t-shirt dress to take away to Tenby but never wore it but with all this hot weather I'm sure I'll get to wear it soon especially as I have next week booked off work, I nearly bought the black motor cycle t-shirt before going to Tenby too but put it back at the last second so when I saw it in the sale last week for just £3.00 I bought it straight away.
I finally replaced my studded black creepers as my old ones have split across the sole and are now in two pieces.
And finally I treated myself to these beautiful boots, they are just perfect.

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