Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday Summary

Space Girl, Did a little dip dying, Big bowl of cherries for breakfast, Two days post, The dangers of having a Costa right outside work, Krispy Kreme.

I've had lots of overtime this week and have had a serious splurge of late night online shopping hence my huge stash of post (haul post coming soon).
It's been a very dull week and my boredom lead me to crack out the hair dye and attempt to dip dye the ends Bubblegum Blue, however they turned out a pale green colour so I added a bit of Capri blue on the very ends and am now sporting some kind of mermaid hair. 
I'm off to a wedding reception in a few hours where I plan on getting drunk and enjoying Pete's crazy dancing, I have absolutely no idea what I'm wearing though so I'm off to have a little panic.

: ]

1 comment:

  1. i love your mermaid-esque dip dye, i wish i had blonde hair so i could do mine lilac or blue :( x


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