Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Jewellery Junkee

I've had this post in my drafts for weeks and completely forgot to post it, but hey better late than never.
  I went away to Tenby in June for a few days and whilst I was there I discovered a fab little shop had just opened up. The shop is called The Jewellery Junkee and as you may have guessed they sell cute hand made jewellery but what I was more interested in was there gorgeous handmade bath products.
Obviously I couldn't resist bringing home a couple of goodies; I bought an adorable little bath bomb made to look like a sundae which was about £3.50 and one of thier beautiful Cupake Soaps which are a little expensive at £7.00 each. I haven't used them yet as they are so pretty I don't want to ruin them but they smell quite nice, they aren't very strongly scented and have a slightly floral general soapy smell. 
They also sell "cake" Candles which are £10.00 each and I must say they smell amazing, Pete bought one for his mom which was scented like Baileys and it really did smell like Baileys.

I wasn't asked to write this I just thought I'd share my little find with you, they have a website if you're looking for a pretty gift for someone or just fancy a nosey- The Jewellery Junkee

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  1. Ooh how cute are they! They look so delicate I wouldn't want to use them haha!

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  2. It looks like a real cupcake and its so cute. Feel like eating it though XD

  3. Wow, these are actually amazing! Haha, I probably wouldn't be thrilled about paying that much for the cupcakes either, but they are so incredibly cute. Love it!


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