Thursday, 19 September 2013

Catch up

A Sunday spent with Pete's dad's new puppies and little baby Elizabeth, A little pre trip pamper, On the train with mom on the way to Llandudno, Really tasty Tapas, Fish and chips, Belgian waffle and Earl grey, A rather choppy sea, The smallest house in Britain, Bought a little bottle of Absinthe, Outfit Post, Stripey nails, Cocktails, Doodle of the seaside, Scones and coffee, Mad Hatter statue, Another cocktail, I won a Minion, White Rabbit statue.

I have been absent from my blog once again, I haven't actually been home for about 10 days, I spent a lovely few days away with my mom in Llandudno where we drank lots of rum, sketched pictures by the sea and spent a ridiculous amount of time/money in the arcade mostly on the 2p sliders. I pretty much went straight from the train station to Pete's dad's where we've been house sitting since Saturday night so I just haven't found the time to take any blogging pictures or write any posts but I will be hopefully find some time tomorrow to sort things out, take some pictures and get back to blogging.

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