Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sunday Summary

Mom found Spock in Poundland and bought him for me, Boohoo dress I finally wore after buying it two years ago, Off out to a wedding reception, Meeting lovely little Elizabeth, A naughty work purchase, Relaxing with Ben & Jerry's and a Green Wing marathon, Playing Starcraft Risk, Stupid amounts of pizza, Sunday spent dying my hair drinking wine and catching up with blogs.

I haven't done a Sunday Summary for quite a while partly due to my sporadic blogging and partly because I haven't been instagramming very much as my phone battery decided to swell and nearly ruin my phone but I have a new battery so I shall back instagramming pointless rubbish again now ha!
Since my last Sunday post I have had some very lovely times; I attended a wedding reception a few weeks ago for Pete's Step Uncle (is that a thing?) where much rum was consumed and Pete's dad kept introducing me to people as his future daughter in law. Pete's other step uncle also became a dad this month to a beautiful little girl called Elizabeth and she is absolutely gorgeous and made me the tiniest bit broody.
I managed to actually have the last bank holiday off and Pete invited all his friends round for a day of nerdy board games and pizza, and when I say day I mean 7 straight hours of playing board games, it was actually pretty fun we played Starcraft risk and I got a tiny bit more aggressive with each invasion. They concluded the day by ordering 4 extra large pizzas between six of us which was a pretty ridiculous amount of pizza.
Pete's gone to Cambridge for a few days to work with his dad and I'm already missing him but it does mean I should have some more time for blogging this week.

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