Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas

I have once again been absent from the blogosphere for a little while due to illness but I'm trying to find the time/energy to blog and as Halloween is tomorrow I thought I'd return with a post of Halloween appropriate outfit ideas. I'm not actually going out for Halloween this year as I'm unwell so I will be spending my Halloween tucked up in bed with comfort food and my all time favourite horror films but if I did have plans I would love to dress up but as I'm a last minute kind of girl when it comes to planning I'd probably go for something fairly simple and easy to pull together. So without waffling on here are a few outfit/costume ideas I've put together:

Halloween Outfit Idea: Skeleton

First up we have a Halloween classic, a skeleton, now I thought about just going for one of the many skeleton onesies available at the moment but I've been eyeballing the skeleton sweatshirt from ASOS for a few weeks anyway and it glows in the dark making it perfect for a Halloween party and it goes perfectly with the skeleton leggings. I wanted a good chunky shoe to complete the look and I wanted to only include items I would wear again after halloween (I have too many random animal ears/wands/fairy wings cluttering my bedroom) so I went for a classic with some Dr Martens industrial combat boots. For finishing touches I'd add my new favourite skeleton gloves from ASOS and this adorable glittery bone hair clip.

Halloween Outfit Idea: Bride Of Chucky

If you're up to putting in a little bit more effort you could go for one of my favourite horror film characters Tiffany from Bride Of Chucky, I love all of the Childs Play films, I even have a life size Chucky doll, but I think Bride Of Chucky is my favourite. This is my favourite outfit and probably what I'd go for if I was going out this halloween, it's so easy to do all you really need is a leather jacket and a white dress, this ASOS one is great because it looks a little wedding-y. For accessories add some black lacy tights, a black choker like this Ebay one and a pair of chunky boots like these Dr Martens. For finishing touches add a good layer of black lipstick and place a heart shaped transfer tattoo on your chest and you're all set to go out and bag yourself a Chucky.

Halloween Outfit Idea: Lydia Deetz

Lastly if you're feeling more strange and unusual you may fancy channeling your inner Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice style, again this would be a fairly easy costume to put together just throw on a long sleeved black dress and some black witch like boots, these ASOS ones are perfect, and accessorize with a vintage camera, spiky fringe and black lace veil. I added this snake earcuff just because it reminded me of the film and it seemed appropriate.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

OOTD: 17 Crimes

I wore:
Oversized Coat- ASOS
Jumper- H&M
Collared Shirt- H&M
Trousers- H&M
Bag- H&M
Boots- ASOS
Necklaces- Equinox

This ended up being a bit of photo heavy outfit post, Pete's just got a new full time job (so proud of him) so now he's doing the whole 9-5 thing he won't be able to take any mid week outfit photos for me so I took the opportunity last week when we had a little break from the rain to ask him to take some (lots) of photos for me. 
Now that the weather is officially getting colder I can finally wear my oversized ASOS coat that I bought back in August it was such a bargain reduced from £100 to £30 in  the sale, I did have to get it a size bigger as they'd run out of my size so it is ridicuously big but it's so cosy and I love the the studs over the shoulder. I've worn my H&M cross print trousers to death since I bought them and my mom bought the white sleeveless blouse in the same print about the same time but she hasn't worn it very much and decided she doesn't like it so I've now adopted it, it's a little too big but it looks great under jumpers.
I bought the green jumper last month, it was only £12.99 and it is super soft and cosy, I might buy a couple of the other colours as they have it in a gorgeous plum-y purple colour and a stripey black and white pattern too.

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Monday, 21 October 2013

NOTD: Models Own Velvet Goth Absinthe

I finally got my hands on the beautiful Absinthe from Models Own Velvet Goth collection and it is so pretty I love it, it's come out a little blue on the pictures but it's much more of an emerald green than it looks here. 
It's a mixture of fine silver and green glitter with larger brighter emerald hexagonal bits of glitter, it's a bit more opaque than the red Sardonyx polish I posted about here and it seems to have lasted a little longer before chipping although I did a top coat to this just to lock down the larger bits of glitter as they did stick out a little around the edges.

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Lush Halloween: Pumkin

I went to Lush a few weeks ago to pick up their Halloween themed goodies and was disappointed that there were none of these cute little Pumkins in store so I asked the Lush lady and she said that unfortunately a lot of these have been arriving broken with the leaves and stalks snapped off. However the lovely lady in Lush offered me her Pumkin for free as she wasn't too bothered by it, how nice is that!
Pumkin is a halloween version of thier Mothers Day bubble bar Mumkin unfortunately it doesn't have the same gorgeous raspberry scent, it has a subtle orangey smell very similar to Dorothy.
Half the bar created an impressive amount of bubbles but the scent was quite hard to smell once in the water, so as cute as this little bar is I wouldn't buy another one as their just isn't enough of a scent to it in my opinion.  

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

October Glossybox

I received my October Glossybox on Monday and I was so disappointed with it, I'd really been looking forward to this months box after hearing that the theme was Dark Romance so I was expecting some dark lip products or maybe some dark eye shadows or liners and maybe a nice berry nail varnish. I can honestly say the contents of the box have almost nothing to with the theme, the perfume sample and tint are the only products that are remotely appropriate to Dark Romance. To make this worse my perfume sample was snapped in half so I didn't actually get to try it and when I visited the Glossybox Facebook page there's a stream of comments from other disappointed customers including loads of comments saying other people received a broken perfume sample and other people received smashed up blushers. Other commenters are complaining that they haven't received their box at all and the majority of the comments complain about the boxes lack of themed products, honestly I'm appalled by the service and actually emailed customer care about the broken sample but as of yet I've received no response (I emailed on Monday).

Broadway Nails impress press-on manicure- Full size £7.99
I have never used fake nails and I really can't see myself using these, firstly they're too wide for my nails and secondly I'm struggling to see what over the top glitter tipped fake nails have to do with dark romance.

Monu Illuminating Primer- Sample
This is probably the best product in the box and I gave it a little try on the back of my hand, it's quite thick but it sinks in fast and leaves a shimmery soft finish.

Premae Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum- Sample
I haven't tried this yet but it smells quite nice and it doesn't seem too thick or heavy so hopefully it should suit my skin but I'm not overly excited by it.

ME ME ME Cherub’s blush Cheek & Lip Tint- Full Size £5.50
This is the only product I recieved that I feel meets the theme Dark Romance, I already own Benefits Benetint so I don't really need this dupe but I'll probably get some use out of it although I've already discovered that the lid is a bit iffy and consequently it leaks a little and as it's a stain this is a big problem. 

Katy Perry Killer Queen- sample 
And here we have my broken perfume sample, as soon as I opened my box I could smell the perfume and I was quite annoyed to open my box and see that the little vial wasn't even attached to the card and was in two seperate sharp pieces, from what I could tell the perfume was actually quite nice. In response to comments on the facebook page in regards to broken samples Glossybox said that sometimes these things happen in transit and to contact customer services about any broken samples but I really don't think it's a very valid excuse but I'll wait and see if they respond to my email.

I was planning on giving Glossybox 4 months to impress me but after being so disappointed by this box I decided to unsubscribe today as I don't want to waste my money on a box of things I don't want. On top of that I was really unimpressed with the feedback from Glossybox to the complaints on thier facebook page, they say pretty much the same thing to every comment, they say they're sorry they'll take the feedback on board and to contact their customer service but there are tonnes of comments from subscribers saying they emailed customer care over a month ago.

*UPDATE* I just received a reply to my complaint and Glossybox have offered to send me an alternative product to try as they have no more perfume samples.

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

NOTD: Models Own Sardonyx

Models Own- Sardonyx

I bought this beautiful Sardonyx polish from the Models Own Velvet Goth collection a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it, I was surprised at how opaque it is especially for a glitter and it only really needed two coats for nearly full coverage although I added a third for a completely opaque look. It has a very dark red base colour and is packed with red glitter as well as little bits of black glitter which add depth and make the base colour look darker. I've tried a matte glitter look before by simply adding a matte top coat over a glitter polish and really like how it turns out but as this is already a matte polish the finish wasn't quite as even as applying a matte coat on top of a polish as the glitter makes it look and feel a little bit gritty, I might try adding a clear matte top coat over this next time to see if it gives it a more even finish.
Another slight downside to the collection is that because you don't apply a top coat it does seem to chip a little more easily and doesn't last quite so well but I suppose if you're not that bothered by the matte effect and just want the pretty colour you can just add a top coat over the top anyway.

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Late September Beauty Haul- Video

Hey everyone I have a very late September beauty haul video for you today, obviously I meant to post this in September but I've moved departments at work and have more hours so things have been a little stressful recently and I have only just got chance to edit and post this but I hope you like it.

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Friday, 11 October 2013

October Inspiration

I have quite a long inspirations post this month I always love putting these posts together because I never notice much of a pattern to the images I like on We Heart It until it comes to putting these together and then I find I've have little themes each month like the sea, cosy looking outfits and always a load of my favourite films.

Taylor Hamilton | via TumblrNihilists with good imaginationsUntitled☼☯what ever forever☯☼ | via Tumblr - inspiring picture on Favim.comEscape to the Astral Plane   http://totheastralplane.tumblr. | via Tumblr

photo: Photo N:2580848 | photographer: Alena Červeňanská | WWW.PHOTODOM.COMby : Larissa Ricartt | via TumblrUntitled | via Tumblr

♡ 100% BETTER ♡ | via FacebookNovember. | via Tumblr
(1) *Harry Potter Saga(Wizards Only)*: фотографије | via Facebook
365 Days of Horror | via Tumblr
Beetlejuicegald | via Tumblr
The Lost Boys

Pumpkin Anatomy Skull

clothes | via Tumblrvalley of the dolls

book shelf(7) British Fashion | via FacebookIndie | via Tumblr

Catty | via TumblrAdorable & funny bunny-catIt's scaring meso-shut-up-boy的微博|新浪微博-随时随地分享身边的新鲜事儿


(5) rilakkuma | Tumblr

All images found on We Heart It
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