Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween Costume Ideas

I have once again been absent from the blogosphere for a little while due to illness but I'm trying to find the time/energy to blog and as Halloween is tomorrow I thought I'd return with a post of Halloween appropriate outfit ideas. I'm not actually going out for Halloween this year as I'm unwell so I will be spending my Halloween tucked up in bed with comfort food and my all time favourite horror films but if I did have plans I would love to dress up but as I'm a last minute kind of girl when it comes to planning I'd probably go for something fairly simple and easy to pull together. So without waffling on here are a few outfit/costume ideas I've put together:

Halloween Outfit Idea: Skeleton

First up we have a Halloween classic, a skeleton, now I thought about just going for one of the many skeleton onesies available at the moment but I've been eyeballing the skeleton sweatshirt from ASOS for a few weeks anyway and it glows in the dark making it perfect for a Halloween party and it goes perfectly with the skeleton leggings. I wanted a good chunky shoe to complete the look and I wanted to only include items I would wear again after halloween (I have too many random animal ears/wands/fairy wings cluttering my bedroom) so I went for a classic with some Dr Martens industrial combat boots. For finishing touches I'd add my new favourite skeleton gloves from ASOS and this adorable glittery bone hair clip.

Halloween Outfit Idea: Bride Of Chucky

If you're up to putting in a little bit more effort you could go for one of my favourite horror film characters Tiffany from Bride Of Chucky, I love all of the Childs Play films, I even have a life size Chucky doll, but I think Bride Of Chucky is my favourite. This is my favourite outfit and probably what I'd go for if I was going out this halloween, it's so easy to do all you really need is a leather jacket and a white dress, this ASOS one is great because it looks a little wedding-y. For accessories add some black lacy tights, a black choker like this Ebay one and a pair of chunky boots like these Dr Martens. For finishing touches add a good layer of black lipstick and place a heart shaped transfer tattoo on your chest and you're all set to go out and bag yourself a Chucky.

Halloween Outfit Idea: Lydia Deetz

Lastly if you're feeling more strange and unusual you may fancy channeling your inner Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice style, again this would be a fairly easy costume to put together just throw on a long sleeved black dress and some black witch like boots, these ASOS ones are perfect, and accessorize with a vintage camera, spiky fringe and black lace veil. I added this snake earcuff just because it reminded me of the film and it seemed appropriate.

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