Sunday, 6 October 2013

Lush Limited Edition World Piece Bath Bomb

I was checking the Lush website to see whether the Halloween products had come in yet and I noticed this little blue and green earth inspired bath bomb so of course the very next day I popped to Lush and picked one up. 
World Piece is a limited edition bath bomb made to celebrate Peace day on the 21st of September and according to Lush "all profit from the sales of Word Piece will go to support Peace One Day, an organisation that aims to institutionalise Peace Day as celebration of peace around the world."
When I smelt this in the shop it smelt very minty and sweet but when placed in the water the minty smell mixes with tangerine and creates an odd bitter minty citrus smell that made me feel a little sick as it was really strong and I was a bit disappointed, it really didn't need the tangerine oil in my opinion as the mint is really strong and is more than enough on it's own. 
Despite not liking the smell it did make for a very pretty bath with the outer world patterned shell fizzing away to reveal a bright blue center and leaving the water a milky leaf green colour, unfortunately it did leave a slightly green ring around the tub.
Although I hated the smell I think it's a pretty bomb for a worthy cause and it's an average price for a Lush bomb at £3.50 so if you happen to like the smell then it's a great bomb but it's just not for me.

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