Tuesday, 15 October 2013

NOTD: Models Own Sardonyx

Models Own- Sardonyx

I bought this beautiful Sardonyx polish from the Models Own Velvet Goth collection a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it, I was surprised at how opaque it is especially for a glitter and it only really needed two coats for nearly full coverage although I added a third for a completely opaque look. It has a very dark red base colour and is packed with red glitter as well as little bits of black glitter which add depth and make the base colour look darker. I've tried a matte glitter look before by simply adding a matte top coat over a glitter polish and really like how it turns out but as this is already a matte polish the finish wasn't quite as even as applying a matte coat on top of a polish as the glitter makes it look and feel a little bit gritty, I might try adding a clear matte top coat over this next time to see if it gives it a more even finish.
Another slight downside to the collection is that because you don't apply a top coat it does seem to chip a little more easily and doesn't last quite so well but I suppose if you're not that bothered by the matte effect and just want the pretty colour you can just add a top coat over the top anyway.

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