Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lush Soot Ball

This is a little late as Halloween was last week but these are still available on the Lush website so I thought I'd post my little review anyway. 
These adorable little soot creatures are inspired by creatures in the film Spirited Away, the smell is lovely and comforting with tonka and cocoa butter but it's not a very strong scent unfortunately.

Underneath the sooty black exterior is a bright gold shimmery centre which is supposed to create an indulgent liquid gold effect but as the black outer layer is so dark it's more of shimmery muddy result once the bomb has all fizzled away. As it has both cocoa butter and shea butter it is a very softening and like Lush's Butterball it does leave little pockets of butter floating around the surface along with the big wide eyes how ever it doesn't leave you feeling slimy the way Butterball does.
This bomb is adorable and smells lovely and comforting but it has one major downfall and that is that it leaves a hell of a mess to clean up which kind of undoes the effects of a relaxing soak if you have to scrub the tub afterwards, as you can see from my last picture it left a load of black glittery marks all over the bottom of the bath which took a good scrubbing to remove.
Overall it's a cute gimmicky bomb but the mess is just too much hassle to clean so I wouldn't buy it again.

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