Tuesday, 12 November 2013

NOTD: Sparkler

OPI- I Saw U Saw We Saw Warsaw
Models Own- Sparkler

Once again I'm apologising for my sporadic posting, between spending the weekends with Pete and spending pretty much all week in work, oh how I love working in retail near Christmas  and now having picked up a nasty throat infection I've been severly lacking time, energy and motivation to do anything at home. But I did find time to paint my nails this week and as I've been feeling the cold I went for a frosty winter look, I painted on this very pretty dark blue OPI polish and tried to fade the beautiful Sparkler glitter down the nail which sort of worked but the glitter on the tips is perhaps a bit much. 
Sparkler is such a pretty glitter I love how holographic it is, it's constantly glimmering and shining pretty blues and oranges it's really noticeable so I've had quite a lot of compliments from customers at work about my nails this week which has lifted my mood a little.

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  1. love your nails. love the confetti pieces and i really want to get such a topcoat eventhough i bet its hard to get off.



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