Wednesday, 29 January 2014

January Wishlist

January Wishlist

Hey everyone, I know I'm pretty late with a January wishlist as it's very nearly February but I'm still trying to get back into the swing of regularly blogging and getting my motivation back, I've been stuck in a horrible rut recently of feeling a bit useless and down but I have lots of blog posts planned and I'm starting to feel a bit more positive.
So back to the wishlist I actually made this over a week ago but have only just got round to posting it which means I may have actually bought/ordered some of these items now but I thought I'd share it with you anyway and you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming haul post to see which items I just couldn't resist.
There has been so much jewellery catching my eye recently I've really had to restrain myself from going crazy and buying everything but mainly I've been lusting after short pretty necklaces, lots of rings with stones and gems and unusual earrings. I absolutely adore the River Island flower necklace it reminds me so much of Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and it's just the right the size not too dainty or too hefty, and my old gothic tendencies have had me eyeballing the pentagram earrings since the start of the month.
I know I definitely do not need another pair of chunky shoes but those River Island boots are like my dream boots and I don't think I'll be able to resist them, I just got paid for all my Christmas overtime so I think I should definitely be allowed to treat myself to these for putting up with rude customers yelling at me, ill people sneezing on me and a solid month of returns.
Having just reorganised my wardrobe I have a little room for a few new pieces but I'm really trying not to buy any more smock dresses and I definitely don't need any more oversized tees but there are a few that have caught my eye this month. I've been trying to move away from jeans as I got myself in a bit of an outfit rut last year, this has meant I bought quite a few nice bottoms like velvet leggings and printed trousers, so my day time outifts have definitely improved but I've come to the conclusion I could do with a few nice tops for the occasions when I have dinner with Beth or go out for family things in the evening. The River Island ice cream shirt is absolutely beautiful from the gorgeous shade of dark blue  to the little folds on  the collar it's just perfect, the H&M shirt is a bit more basic but would look great with my printed trousers and a nice statement necklace so there's a chance I may buy both of these.

: ]

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

January SoukSouk Beauty Box

I'm currently subscribed to three monthly beauty boxes and have been considering cancelling one of them, currently I'm leaning towards cancelling my SoukSouk subscription, now don't get me wrong I do like the SoukSouk boxes but I think generally the samples just aren't for me.
SoukSouk offer more of a niche beauty box with 5 little green beauty products in each box, I have recieved a good selection of beauty, bath and lifestyle products in my past boxes but in my last few boxes there have been more and more items that just don't suit me for example in my last box there were only two products that I've actually used, the other three, a cleansing oil, age resist moisturiser and natural deodorant are completely unsuitable for me.
This months box was a little better with two beauty products, a nice selection of skincare and some lovely detox tea.
Pukka Detox Tea
As a huge lover of tea I was pleased to see these in my box and what could be more appropriate for January than detox tea to cleanse and revive.

Avril Nail Lacquer in French Rose- Full Size £3.99
I've received an Avril nail varnish in another SoukSouk beauty box which was a creamy brown colour that just wasn't for me, this time we have a pretty pastel pink now don't get me wrong it's a nice enough colour but I hardly ever wear pink nail varnish or pink anything for that matter so I think this might be going to my mom yet again.

Xenca Perfection Lipstick in Fudge- Full Size £11.95
I've never heard of this brand but I love the packaging as it's really lightwieght and the little cardboard tube is adorable, the formula seems pretty good quite creamy without being drying, unfortunately the colour looks just awful on me so again this will be heading my mom's way.

Urban Veda Sample Trio-Purifying Exfoliating Facial Polish, Daily Purifying Facial Wash and Purifying Day Cream.
This is the one highlight from this box as they're the only items I can see myself getting much use of, the samples are fairly decent sizes and are perfect for taking to Pete's. Having a little trio of samples is a great way to really test out a brand and all three of the products should 
be suitable for my combination skin.

: ]

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

NOTD: Maybelline Colour Show Street Artist Top Coat In Alley Attitude

I used:
Topshop Nails in Winterfrost
Maybelline Colour Show Street Artist Top Coat in Alley Attitude

I bought this Maybelline polish last week whilst purchasing thier new Baby Skin primer as all the Maybelline products were on a buy one get one half price offer so it was only £2.00.
I really like this top coat it uses little glitter style black and blue hexagons along with really big black bits to create a sort of paint splattered effect, application wise it only took me two applications to get the coverage shown which is pretty impressive. 
I applied it over the beautiful holographic Winterfrost for a really wintery nail look and as I've had quite a few customers compliment me on them I think it's a great combination that really shows off the graffiti effect.
I liked it so much I bought it another colour so I'll hopefully share another NOTD with you next week.

: ]

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

January Birchbox

This months Birchbox was all about Tiny Tweaks, making little changes that can make a big difference, and with this in mind they've made a few little changes to the box mainly replacing the cloth bags the products normally come in for pretty pink tissue paper, I prefer the paper as I've got a little stash of the bags just sat in a cupboard taking up space.

Benefit Porefessional
Every subscriber received a sample of the infamous Porefessional in this months box, I'm sure I don't need to tell you all how amazing this primer is, I actually got a full size for Christmas but I'm always glad for back ups and this is great for popping in my make-up bag for a weekend at Pete's.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
I have received this in a previous Birchbox but I really love it and have been considering purchasing a full size so I was glad to have a little more to keep me going. I did actually receive an e-mail from Birchbox to apologise for sending me a sample I'd already received and they've added 50 points to my account, this was a pretty nice surprise as I hadn't contacted them and I was actually happy to receive the Elasticizer.

Premae Anatomy Nutrients Instant Renewal Body Oil 
This claims to moisturise, tone and detoxify the skin, I haven't used a body oil before but I think my skin could use a little extra tlc to recover from the Christmas season so I'm looking forward to trying this.

Delarom Aquaconfort Mask
I'm not too sure about this as it's supposed to be super hydrating and I think it might be a little much for my skin but I'll definitely give it a try.

Rodial Glamtox Night Gel
Again this claims to be really hydrating so I'll be using it sparingly but it also claims to reduce pore size so I'm looking forward to trying it.

Birchbox Eye Mask
I got one of these in a past Birchbox and they are great to pop on after a night out or a stressful week at work.

Overall I was pretty pleased with this months Birchbox and I was really impressed by the customer service offered by Birchbox in regards to a duplicate sample, I'm currently subscribed to three monthly beauty boxes and could do with cutting one out but I think I'll be hanging onto my Birchbox Subscription for another few months.

: ]

Monday, 13 January 2014

Recent Purchases The Sales Edition

The combination of having received a little money for my birthday and Christmas along with doing a lot of overtime in November/December has resulted in me being very naughty and doing a lot of after work shopping so I thought I'd show you what I've bought including some bargains.

Necklace- £4.50
T-shirt- £12.00
I actually had my eye on the t-shirt whilst it was full price so when I saw it on the sale rail I immediately snapped it up, I've already worn it, it is so soft and looks great with my black velvet leggings.

Benefit Porefessional Agent Zero Shine- £23.50
Urban Decay Naked 3- £37.00
Vera Wang Princess Gift Set- Reduced to £18.00
Rocha John Rocha Faux Fur Scarf- Reduced to £14.00
Red Herring Beanie Hat- Reduced to £6.00
Reger by Janet Reger Black Lace Bra- Reduced to £9.00
Reger by Janet Reger Cream & Lilac Bra- £9.00
Floozie By Frost French Rose Bra- Reduced to £6.00

I bought a few things from Lush just before Christmas as I knew I wouldn't be going to the sale on boxing day and I wanted a little stash of the shower gels before they disappeared, I popped into the shop the day after boxing day but all the christmas things were gone so I thought I'd check online and they did have quite a lot of sale items left so I ordered all of the ones I hadn't bought before Christmas.
Golden Wonder Bath Bomb- £1.75
So White Bath Bomb- £1.62
Ponche Shower Gel- £2.15
Father Christmas- £1.63
Ponche Shower Gel- £4.30
Snow Fairy Shower Gel- £3.50
Let the Good Times Roll- £6.35

ASOS- All sale purchases
Studded Flats- £9.50
Leopard Print Dress-£10.00
Bat Print Shirt- £12.50

H&M Again these are all sale items
Biker Jacket- £11.25
Jacket- £8.00
T-shirt- £4.00
Trousers- £8.00

: ]

Monday, 6 January 2014

Love Me Beauty Box- December

I am epically late with this I know but I thought I'd get back into posting by reviewing last months beauty boxes before this months comes and as I chose this months Love Me Beauty box today I thought I'd start with thier December box first.
I have been really impressed with all of my Love Me Beauty boxes but I have to say I was a little underwhelmed with the December box, not because of the quality of the samples but because the boxes had become a little repetitive I have already recieved a Lord & Berry lipliner and lipstick in previous boxes and we got a nail varnish last month.

Lord & Berry Kiss Proof Lip Liner in Romantica- Full Size £7.50
I actually really like this shade, more than the previous lip liner I've recieved, it's a lovely bright pink that's exactly the kind of colour I usually go for.

S5 Vitality Mask- 15ml Sample Size
I'm looking forward to trying this as it claims to both reduce imperfections and reduce pore size which is always a bonus for me, so this was probably the best sample in the box in my opinion.

Rodial 5 Minute Facial- 10ml Sample Size.
Another little mask sample, this time an exfoliating mask promising to give brighter glowing skin whilst reducing pore size, again I'm excited to try this as Rodial is a brand I've heard a lot of good things about.

Headline Colours Nail Polish in Quicksand- Full Size £9.00
I'm always happy to receive a new nail varnish especially from a brand I've never tried but I can't see myself getting much use out of this as I'm not much of a neutrals fan when it comes to nail varnish but my mom's already got her eye on it as she loves the colour.

  Lord & Berry Intensity Lipstick in Glazed Pink- Full Size £12.00.
The lipstick is a really pale pink shade so I'm not sure if it'll suit my pale complexion without washing me out but I'll definitely give it a go as the Lord & Berry lipsticks have really great lasting power and aren't too drying which is my main concern when wearing lipstick in the winter months.

So that was the December box, all of the samples were good quality with a nice mix of products but it was very similar to past boxes which was a little disappointing, as I said I've just chosen this months box and it looks much more exciting with a great mix of products four of which are full sized products so I can't wait for it to get here and I'll make sure to post about it a little sooner than I did this months.

If you want to join Love Me Beauty you can do so here for £10 (+p&P) a month.

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Friday, 3 January 2014

Highlights of 2013 And My Favourite Outfits

Happy New Year everyone! I appreciate I'm a little late and I barely posted at all in December but working in retail over the festive season is more than a bit busy and I spent a lot of time at Pete's new house which currently has no internet.
So I thought I'd kick off the year with a little look back on 2013 starting with my favourite outfits.

Despite feeling very crappy towards the end of the year and being rather aneamic for most of the summer there were some very happy moments this year so these are my highlights:

Pete and I went to Tenby in March for our five year anniversary, I finally graduated a year after finishing my degree, I saw Cats at the theatre, I took Pete to see Rich Hall and we got to meet him after the show, We took a trip to a beautiful part of Scotland for Pete's dad's wedding, We took another trip to Tenby and the weather was absolutely glorious for a change, We took our annual trip to the safari park, Pete's dad adorable little niece was born, Pete's dad also got two Bull Mastiff puppies, Finally I went away to the seaside with my mom which was so lovely.

So that was my year, I think I failed on pretty much all of last years resolutions but I might as well make a few for this year so here we go:

* I will definitely learn to drive this year.
* I will sort my shit out and be happier.
* I will blog more and draw more.

So that was 2013 let's hope 2014 is a little happier.

: ]


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