Friday, 3 January 2014

Highlights of 2013 And My Favourite Outfits

Happy New Year everyone! I appreciate I'm a little late and I barely posted at all in December but working in retail over the festive season is more than a bit busy and I spent a lot of time at Pete's new house which currently has no internet.
So I thought I'd kick off the year with a little look back on 2013 starting with my favourite outfits.

Despite feeling very crappy towards the end of the year and being rather aneamic for most of the summer there were some very happy moments this year so these are my highlights:

Pete and I went to Tenby in March for our five year anniversary, I finally graduated a year after finishing my degree, I saw Cats at the theatre, I took Pete to see Rich Hall and we got to meet him after the show, We took a trip to a beautiful part of Scotland for Pete's dad's wedding, We took another trip to Tenby and the weather was absolutely glorious for a change, We took our annual trip to the safari park, Pete's dad adorable little niece was born, Pete's dad also got two Bull Mastiff puppies, Finally I went away to the seaside with my mom which was so lovely.

So that was my year, I think I failed on pretty much all of last years resolutions but I might as well make a few for this year so here we go:

* I will definitely learn to drive this year.
* I will sort my shit out and be happier.
* I will blog more and draw more.

So that was 2013 let's hope 2014 is a little happier.

: ]

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  1. I love your style and the outfits you posted. The first one is definitely my favorite!



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