Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lush Love Locket- Review

Now that we're all done grieving the loss of Snow ~Fairy for another year lush have gifted us with a lovely little range of Valentine's products, there are a few adorable love themed Massage Bars but as it's very rare that I use the few massage bars I already own from lush I decided to forego these along with the Valentine's soap which just wasn't my cup of tea scent wise and the lip balm as I just didn't need it.
So I ended up with just two of lushes Valentine's goodies, their Prince charming shower gel and the massive beauty pictured above.

Love Locket is a giant bath bomb that will set you back a whopping £6.95, I'm honestly not sure if I would have purchased it had it not been for the fact I had a gift card left from Christmas. It is undoubtedly an expensive for a bath bomb but Lush promise at least three baths from every bomb which slightly softens the blow, like Lush's Christmas bomb Secret Santa, the idea is to crack open the bomb revealing a hidden smaller bomb inside meaning you can then use the bomb three separate times. However this is much easier said than done, I personally had a lot of trouble getting the bomb to split relatively evenly down the middle in order to reach the little heart inside but with the help of a strong knife I was able to saw it apart without breaking the middle bomb.
I used one of the outside pieces first, it turned the water a lovely pastel pink with a slight shimmer and there was loads of heart shaped confetti floating near the bottom of the tub. It had a beautiful floral scent of neroli oil and jasmine absolute with a sweet edge to it thanks to a dash of vanilla absolute, the mixture of smells seems absolutely perfect for Valentine's day in my opinio.
The little heart in the centre was pretty much the same except for the addition of little red agar hearts which made my skin feel a little softer and made the water a slightly darker pink. 
All in all it's a very relaxing and Valentine's appropriate bomb that I think any Lush fan would be happy to receive, however the price is too steep in my opinion and I'd say £4.95 would be a much more reasonable price tag.

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  1. Aaaaah theres two! I was wondering why it was more expensive!
    Great review :)


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