Saturday, 29 March 2014

Lush Mothers Day 2014- Wonder Woohoo

Lush Mothers Day Wonder Woohoo

This bubble bar is so sparkly and reminds me very much of Lush's other bubble bar Sunnyside it even has a similar citrusy scent. Wonder Woohoo is inspired by Wonder Woman (her gold tiara to be specific) and aims to brighten your mood with mountains of fluffy bubbles and sparkly gold water. I know that some people can be quite put off by some of the more glittery bombs as they can make a bit of a mess both in the tub and on your skin but fortunately the sparkle from this didn't stick to my skin and although there was a layer of gold on the bottom of the bath it rinsed away easily. 
I used about a third of the bar in my bath which was more than enough to create mounds of bubbles and fill the room with the beautiful scent of Brazillian orange oil and sandalwood oil, it smells very similar to their Easter bubble bar The Brightside but not quite as overpowering. 
Overall I really like this and I think it's more value for money than most of the Mothers Day range as you can easily get three baths out of it but if I was going to buy an orange scented bath product from Lush I'd much prefer The Brightside bubble bar as it's much bigger and a lot more powerful scent wise.

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Love Me Beauty- March 2014 Edition

Another late beauty box review, today we have Love Me Beauty's March box and it was definitely a good one this month with a great mix of products.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company False Lashes in ‘Gracie’ - Full Size £6.00
I have never used false lashes before as I find the idea of putting glue near my eyes a little frightening but these are very pretty and don't look too over the top so I might be willing to try these out sometime soon.

Murad Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator- Sample
As you may know by now I'm always happy to try products that claim to minimize the appearance of my pores as I find they are quite noticeable especially around my nose so I'm quite excited to try this especially as I've tried a few other Murad products and have so far been very impressed by the brand. 

Quintessentially English Bath Salts in ‘Bottled Sunshine'- Sample
I absolutely love bath salts but I haven't used any for years as I just haven't seen that many around so I was thrilled to see different bath salts in the three menus this month. Each menu had a different scent but I chose my menu based on the Murad sample but I'm glad I got this scent as it is so fresh and summery with lemongrass stems and maychang essential oils which create a bright citrusy aroma to lift your spirits and leave you feeling refreshed.

Deep Steep Moisture Stick in ‘Honeydew Spearmint’- Full Size £3.60 
I'm not too fussed by products like this in beauty boxes but this does smell lovely and I think it'll be useful to carry around in my handbag as the packaging is quite sturdy.

Nip+Fab Post Workout Fix- Full Size £9.95 
Working in retail means I can be on my feet for up to eight hours a day which has begun to take a bit of a toll on my back and legs so this will come in very handy after a long shift, I haven't tried it yet so I'm not sure how well it works but for just under £10.00 I think this could be a really useful product for anyone like me who has to be on their feet a lot or if you're one of those crazy people who actually exercises. 

BlanX White Shock Toothpaste- Sample
I've found that since sorting out my Anemia I've come to detest the taste of most kinds of toothpaste (I have no idea why but some of them actually make me heave) but this smells pretty nice so I'm happy to give it a go and being a huge tea and coffee drinker I could always use a bit of whitening.

So all in all I really loved this months box and so far Love Me Beauty is definitely my favourite subscription box. You can subscribe to Love Me Beauty for £10.00 (+p&p) here

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Lush Mothers Day 2014- Rose

Lush mothers day rose bubble bar

I'm not normally a huge fan of rose scented things but this was so cute I had to buy one and I actually really liked the smell of this although it was quite faint once I'd crumbled it into the water which was a little disappointing as I used the whole bar in one bath, obviously the main scent is rose but there are also a few subtle notes of lemon oil and orange oil which make this a really summery refreshing bubble bar. 
This also contains cocoa butter making it perfect for a long relaxing soak and when you finally decide to emerge from the tub you're left with really soft skin, I can be a bit put off by the presence of cocoa butter or shea butter in Lush's bath products (mainly Butterball) as I find they can leave my skin feeling quite greasy but this had just enough to soften my skin without leaving me feeling sticky. As with all Lush's bubble bars it created a mountain of fluffy bubbles that lasted the entirety of my soak. 
I really enjoyed using the Rose Bubble Bar but much like Inhale Exhale I feel that it is a little on the expensive side given the fact it's quite small and if you want a lot of bubbles like me you can only really get one bath of a bar. 

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Lush Mothers Day 2014- Inhale Exhale

This unusual little bomb is from Lush's Mother's Day range, I was quite excited to try it as it smelt amazing and is really different from the rest of the Mothers day range. It has a smoky earthy scent with an interesting mix of neroli oil and black pepper oil contrasted against light fruity aromas of lemon oil, grapefruit oil and ylang ylang, I think this is one of those scents you will either love or hate, personally I loved it and found it very relaxing.
The two seperate halves of the bomb fizz at different speeds with the red Inhale side fizzing away quickly turning the water bright red and releasing the fruity side of the scent, the blue Exhale half foams away a lot more slowly and gives the red water a slight purple tinge with a nice frothy layer on the top of the water.
Once the whole bomb has dissolved a little note unfolds in the water with a lovely little message about relaxing written on it.
This is a great bath bomb with a unique scent that is perfect for a relaxing after a stressful day which makes it the perfect gift for any mother. The only slight criticism I have for Inhale Exhale would be the price as it is rather tiddly and you can only get one bath out of it, I would say £2.75 would be a more a reasonable price for this bomb as for £3.25 I would rather go for a much bigger and equally relaxing bomb like Twilight or Sex Bomb.

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Birchbox March 2014 Edition

I'm rather late with this months Birchbox review and to be honest I was a little disappointed with the March box, I like the selection of items but all the samples were rather on the small side. I'm not sure I'll be keeping my subscription that much longer as there are other beauty boxes I'd like to try out.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner- Sample
I always like products that smooth out the appearance of my pores as I find they're my main skin problem and this has a similar texture to Benefit's Porefessional although it's much thinner and I find it doesn't smooth out my pores as much as Porefessional but it does make a difference to my skin and it has a nice subtle menthol like scent.
Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eye Primer- Sample
I've been meaning to try this for quite a while so was very pleased to see it in my box, this primer is said to prolong the wear of both eyeshadow and concealer it has a thin light weight texture and blends in easily, I found that it improved the pigmentation of any shadows I applied over the top of it but I didn't notice that much difference in terms of how long my shadow stayed on for so I don't think I'd shell out £20.50 for a full size.
Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Replenishing Hand Cream- Sample
I have amassed quite the stash of hand creams since starting my various beauty box subscriptions so I'm usually fairly nonplussed when I see a hand cream in a box but Molton Brown products always smell incredible so I gave this a go straight away and it smells wonderful, a mixture of rose and sweet fruity rhubarb that is perfect for spring. I'm nearing the end of my favourite Body Shop Hemp hand cream which is great in the winter but is perhaps a bit thick for the Spring so I'm quite tempted to buy this Molton Brown as my spring replacement.

English Laundry No.7- Sample
I tried another English Laundry fragrance last year in a beauty box and found it just wasn't my kind of scent, this one is a bit better, it's very sweet with a strong vanilla scent mixed subtle notes of jasmine, pear and sandalwood. It's definitely very light and summery but I think it's just a little more my Nan's kind of fragrance than mine.

Aroma Works Nuture Body Oil- Sample
I find I never get round to using body oils so I wasn't too fussed when I saw this in my box and I haven't got round to trying it yet but it does smell very nice and relaxing, it's also nice to see that Birchbox put this in a little separate box just in case it leaked.

All in all it was an ok box but as it was a collaborated box with Lulu Guiness I did have slightly higher hopes for this box and it might have been nice to maybe have another make-up item instead of the perfume samples or the body oil. 
You can subscribe to Birchbox for £10.00 per month (+p&p) here.

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Monday, 17 March 2014

Flicker Fade

Jumper- H&M // Dress- H&M // Coat- ASOS // Fur Scarf- Debenhams // Earrings- ASOS // Time Turner Neacklace- eBay // Cut Out Boots- River Island

I actually took these photos a few weeks ago, just before the weather got all warm and lovely hence the many layers, well I completely forgot to post them so I thought better late than never especially as it means I can show you my new favourite shoes which I've fallen head over heels fall (excuse the awful pun). 
It also gives me the chance to give you a little life update as I haven't been posting my Sunday Summary posts recently. If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know I've been feeling pretty down for the past few months, well I've gotten quite sick of moping around and am now determined to pull myself together and sort my shit out. To start with I've made an effort to have more of a positive attitude at work, it may not be what I want to do in the long run but I'm starting to feel quite at home in the lingerie department. 
I've been trying to do more on my days off in the week like go for walks or take blog pictures and I've become absolutely enthralled with tadpoles. Pete recently found a whole bunch of frogs in the pond at his new house which lead to a massive hoard of frog spawn appearing and of course I had to take a little home for my own pond, I find it fascinating watching the little blobs start to wriggle around and grow tails so I've been taking pictures of their progress.
The main thing brightening my mood is the thought of my upcoming trip to Tenby next week, Pete and I will be spending 5 days in our absolute favourite place for our anniversary on the 29th.

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Lush Mother's Day Haul

 As soon as I heard the Mothers Day and Easter ranges had hit Lush stores I headed into store and picked up quite a stash of goodies so I thought I'd show you what I went for from their Mother's Day range.
I tried this bomb last year and really liked it, I'm not usually a big fan of the more floral bombs but this one's gorgeous you can read my review of this here

This is completely different from the rest of the range, it has a smokey earthy scent that sets it apart from the other sweet floral products I have used this and will be posting a full review of it next week.

This is so cute and it is definitely the highlight of the Mothers Day collection as it is perfect for my mom who adores all things rose scented I just wish it was a little bigger.

I adore the raspberry scent of this it's so uplifting and sweet, I was very disappointed that they didn't bring their Egg Hunt soap back this year as it had the same gorgeous scent but you can read my review of the adorable Mumkin here although this years Mumkin is slightly smaller and a tiny bit more expensive.

Until I looked it up on the Lush site I wasn't entirely sure which collection this was from but apparently it is inspired by Wonder Woman hence the star and gold glitter and it is nice to see yet another product that isn't all pink and flowery. Scent wise it's pleasant enough with a subtle orange and sandalwood aroma that I imagine will be quite relaxing once in the bath.

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

March Wishlist

March Wishlist

There are so many lovely things around at the moment that I'd love to add to my Spring wardrobe but as I'm watching my spending for the next month all these pretty things will have to stay on my wishlist for a while. 
I've been having a little shoe obsession recently the leopard creepers are an absolute dream and I would adore the teal glittery jelly sandals I had some silver glittery ones exactly like them when I was in primary school and I lived in them.
After receiving a few Bumble & Bumble products for Christmas I've been wanting to try a few more of their products, I treated myself to a couple of goodies on payday but I have my eye on a few things mainly there Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner and the Brilliantine Styling Creme as I love to wear my hair loose and wavy in the spring/summer.
I love my Elie Saab perfume so when I saw this new green beauty in Debenhams I went straight over for a sniff and it's just as beautiful as the original so I will definitely be adding this to my perfume collection at some point this spring.

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