Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Lush Mothers Day 2014- Inhale Exhale

This unusual little bomb is from Lush's Mother's Day range, I was quite excited to try it as it smelt amazing and is really different from the rest of the Mothers day range. It has a smoky earthy scent with an interesting mix of neroli oil and black pepper oil contrasted against light fruity aromas of lemon oil, grapefruit oil and ylang ylang, I think this is one of those scents you will either love or hate, personally I loved it and found it very relaxing.
The two seperate halves of the bomb fizz at different speeds with the red Inhale side fizzing away quickly turning the water bright red and releasing the fruity side of the scent, the blue Exhale half foams away a lot more slowly and gives the red water a slight purple tinge with a nice frothy layer on the top of the water.
Once the whole bomb has dissolved a little note unfolds in the water with a lovely little message about relaxing written on it.
This is a great bath bomb with a unique scent that is perfect for a relaxing after a stressful day which makes it the perfect gift for any mother. The only slight criticism I have for Inhale Exhale would be the price as it is rather tiddly and you can only get one bath out of it, I would say £2.75 would be a more a reasonable price for this bomb as for £3.25 I would rather go for a much bigger and equally relaxing bomb like Twilight or Sex Bomb.

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