Saturday, 29 March 2014

Lush Mothers Day 2014- Wonder Woohoo

Lush Mothers Day Wonder Woohoo

This bubble bar is so sparkly and reminds me very much of Lush's other bubble bar Sunnyside it even has a similar citrusy scent. Wonder Woohoo is inspired by Wonder Woman (her gold tiara to be specific) and aims to brighten your mood with mountains of fluffy bubbles and sparkly gold water. I know that some people can be quite put off by some of the more glittery bombs as they can make a bit of a mess both in the tub and on your skin but fortunately the sparkle from this didn't stick to my skin and although there was a layer of gold on the bottom of the bath it rinsed away easily. 
I used about a third of the bar in my bath which was more than enough to create mounds of bubbles and fill the room with the beautiful scent of Brazillian orange oil and sandalwood oil, it smells very similar to their Easter bubble bar The Brightside but not quite as overpowering. 
Overall I really like this and I think it's more value for money than most of the Mothers Day range as you can easily get three baths out of it but if I was going to buy an orange scented bath product from Lush I'd much prefer The Brightside bubble bar as it's much bigger and a lot more powerful scent wise.

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