Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Life Lately...The Best Week Ever!

Some new clothes and nail varnishes, I had the best time at Comic Con with my brother, I bought myself a Stitch Kigu and a few other adorable things, I was way too amused by this Captain Morgan Cannonball, We spent a few days away in Tenby for our 6 year anniversary.

Hello everyone I haven't posted an insta-dump post since I went to the Warner Bros Studio Tour but I took loads of photos last week as I had the best week ever so I thought I'd fill you in on what I've been up to.
First of all I went to my first ever Comic Con in Birmingham and it was amazing despite having to queue for over an hour to get in and nearly having a panic attack because of the vast amount of people everywhere, it was awesome. I didn't dress up and I really wish I had because there were so many fantastic costumes but I'm definitely going to go again and I'll definitely dress up next year.
We drove down to Tenby on Wednesday for a few days away at our favourite B&B to celebrate our anniversary, we absolutely love Tenby it is so pretty with two beautiful beaches and a ton of fantastic restaurants. We went to Top Joes for pizza which is the second best pizza place in the UK and it was seriously tasty, we also went to our favourite steakhouse & grill Mews, I got the Mexican burger which was delicious if very messy. Lastly we celebrated our anniversary at The Ocean which is a beautiful Italian restaurant over looking the beach and sea, I had the Bruschetta followed by creamy tomato risotto and a ruby port to finish off the evening.
Usually we spend the majority of our time in Tenby whiling away the hours in the arcade or drinking in one of the many pubs but this year we decided to be more adventurous and visit new places, we drove to Pembroke to have a walk around the castle, we drove to Saundersfoot for a walk around and a hot chocolate. Best of all we traveled to Freshwater West which is the actual beach where they filmed parts of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows  (spoiler: it's the beach where Dobby dies), we skimmed pebbles across the sea and walked all over the sand dunes trying to find the one where they buried him.
After a while we sat down in the sand and just enjoyed the view, Pete was acting a bit odd and all of sudden he got onto one knee and pulled a beautiful little wooden box out of his coat pocket, I literally couldn't speak it was such a shock. I said yes of course once I could form words and it was the happiest moment of my life, the ring is beautiful it's exactly what I wanted, a sapphire surrounded by little diamonds, it's a tiny bit big so I haven't been able to wear it properly yet but as soon as we've gotten it resized it will never leave my finger again. We'll be having a long engagement as we're currently saving to move in together but when we eventually tie the knot it will be in Tenby.

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