Saturday, 19 April 2014

Lush Easter 2014- Bunny Bubble Bar

This adorable bunny bubble bar from Lush's Easter range has a delightful Vanilla and Coconut Oil fragrance with Fair Trade Shea Butter to leave skin feeling lovely and soft, this is a great sweet treat that is a perfect alternative to chocolate for Easter. 
When you break apart the bubble bar a bright pink centre is revealed, I used about half the bar for my bath which was more than enough, I'd say you can get about two decent baths from each bar which is pretty average for Lush's bubble bars. Along with turning the water a pretty light pink colour you also get little tiny blue cornflowers floating around your bath which is quite unusual for a bubble bar but was a nice surprise and very appropriate for Spring. 
It's quite a cute bubble bar but if I wanted a sweet candy scented bubble bar I'd probably go for Creamy Candy over this as it's only £2.60, you get the same amount of baths out of the bar and it has a similar sweet scent. 

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