Monday, 19 May 2014

Recent Clothes Purchases

ASOS- £13.00

Wallis- £5.00 in the sale

Bershka- £3.99 in sale

Fuse at Debenhams- £2.25 in sale

ASOS- £13.50 on offer

Primark- £8.00

Primark- £6.00

Primark- £8.00

Primark- £11.00

Primark- £6.00

£5.00- Some random shop in Wolverhampton

I've been bagging myself some real bargains for my summer wardrobe over the past couple of months, I'm especially pleased with my stash of new t-shirts and my super cheap velvet shoes. 
I used to have some jelly shoes in primary school so I've been dying to get myself some now they're back so I had to get these ones from Primark for just £6.00.
I love the Fuse concession in Debenhams because the Touch jewellery is so cheap and they usually have some nice big (slightly tacky) necklaces and earrings, I snapped up these huge flower drop earrings in the sale a few weeks ago.
I've never shopped at Bershka before but I was having a browse a couple of months ago and I saw the seashell bag, it was originally £20 I think and I fell in love with it but I was a bit skint at the time so I waited and it went to sale at £10 but I waited a little longer and it went right down to £3.99 which I was absolutely delighted about and I plan to take it to my engagement party as it goes really well with the new dress I bought (I'll share that with you soon). 

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