Monday, 14 July 2014

Life Lately

I haven't posted an Instagram catch-up post in ages so I thought today I'd show you what I've been up to lately.
At the end of May Pete and I had a little Engagement party, we don't plan on getting married for a few years so we thought it'd be nice for all our friends and family to come together to celebrate the happy news, it was a lovely evening complete with a Minion balloon and the drinking of LOTS of Captain Morgans Spiced Rum.
In May Pete's Mom also adopted two rescue kittens, Mary and May, I have a full post full of kitten cuteness scheduled so I won't say anymore about them now other than they are incredibly cute.
At the end of June I moved in with Pete for a couple of weeks whilst his Mom was in Italy to help him look after the kittens and the house, we're currently saving for a place of our own so it was nice to have a little practice run and I even managed to cook a couple of more than edible meals.
Last week we returned once again to our favourite seaside haven, Tenby, this time my parents came down for a few days as well as we're hoping to get married there one day so we wanted to look at possible venues. It was really hot and sunny for nearly the whole week which made it even more wonderful than usual and I spent pretty much the entire week eating and drinking (my work trousers were definitely tighter this morning), we visited Manobier Castle, Caldey Island, Freshwater West (where Pete proposed) and the Wildlife park. It was wonderful to get away for a while especially as my anxiety has been getting the better of me recently, although I did break my favourite sunglasses and I was happy to get back to Pete's and have cuddles with Mary.

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