Sunday, 20 July 2014

Take Me To The Sea

 I want to be back in Tenby sitting on the beach watching Pete skim pebbles on the sea, it's literally my favourite place ever and each time we visit I can feel all my stress and anxiety melting away, Pete and I are hoping to get married there one day so we invited my parents down for a few days to visit the beautiful Manobier Castle which is our dream wedding venue. On our recent week in Tenby we stayed at our usual B&B (The Croyland it is fantastic) and this time we got to stay in the same room we stayed in on our very first trip which made the whole week feel a little more special and got me feeling very nostalgic.
I remember our first visit to Tenby it was our first holiday together, we were 18, we'd been together a year and Pete had only just passed his driving test so we decided to take the train (or trains as it turned out) it took 5 and a half hours to get there but we instantly felt at home and that's why we've returned every year since sometimes twice a year to our favourite place and our favourite B&B.
So here are a few photos from our recent trip and a few bonus (hilarious/embarassing) ones from our first trip.

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