Sunday, 17 August 2014

August Inspiration

I'm currently snuggled up in Pete's bed with a horrible cold and enormous tonsils, this combined with a very autumnal breeze in the air has got me looking forward to the autumn, I've dug out my jumpers and fleecey pjs despite the fact it's only August.
I love the autumn it's my favourite season, I love the pretty orange leaves that float around before carpeting the pavements, I love curling up in my kigu with a cup of earl grey and a bunch of cheesy 90's films and I definitely find it easiest to dress well in the autumn. 

Fresh Air | via Tumblr
tattoo choker
Pearls and Peonies | via Tumblr
The best t-shirt white - Wheretoget
fucking cute | via Tumblr
💄 | via Tumblr
∞ Luxury Lìfє ∞ - Photos du journal | via Facebook
vintagepiken: The beauty and the poet.Ruins
Live in the Moment∞† | via Tumblr
pastel goth | Tumblr
| Polyvore
Move forward!!
Black is fucking elegant
Foggy Meadow
(1) Tumblr
Stairway To Heaven
be yourself | via Tumblr
♡ | via Tumblr
Edward Scissorhands
Unknown Pleasures | via Tumblr
Jude's dreams | via Tumblr
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good
"There is telepathy between hearts" | via Tumblr
s | via Tumblr
VERGE GIRL | via Tumblr

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