Monday, 18 August 2014


Wine at Pete's, My hair has suddenly become very long, I've been living in purple lipstick lately, Can't believe how big Marshall has gotten, Kinder Bueno milkshake which was amazing, Spent the evening making cocktails with Pete, I went away to Llandudno with my mom for a few days we had lots of cupcakes, cocktails and tapas we also went for afternoon tea, This random cat seems to have decided our back porch is his new bedroom.

This past few weeks have been a bit up and down for me, whilst I've done lots of nice things including going away for a relaxing few days with my mom and spending lots of time with Pete I have been really struggling with  my anxiety. I've felt really stressed out at work due to horribly rude customers, case in point a lady told me she didn't want to be served by me as I have swollen tonsils and a sore throat, honestly do these people think I want to be standing behind a till all day when I can hardly breathe because of my swollen glands. I would much rather have stayed home in bed with a bowl of soup but as I've had 2 sick days in the past 26 weeks I'm "not allowed" to be sick again or I will get in trouble with my boss. On top of this my manager has decided to put me on delivery shifts starting at 7am despite the fact I don't drive and there isn't a bus that will actually get me there for 7 which I told her when I said I couldn't do the shifts, she told me I'd have to try and that she expects her staff to be fully flexible. I do feel that I'm being taken advantage of as she hasn't asked other members of staff to do any delivery shifts even those who can drive and she's also put me on shifts ending at 9.15 on days when I have to be in for 7 the next day which I'm going to have to make sure she changes. Pete and my dad have offered to take turns dropping me off so I've decided to suck it up and get on with it and as I'll be finishing much earlier on delivery days I'm going to take the opportunity to do lots more blogging, start drawing again and look for a new job with more stable hours.
On a happier note I'm off on a little mini break tomorrow with my maid of honour Beth for a few days of relaxation in Chester which I'm really looking forward to despite this stupid cold which won't budge.

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