Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Love Me Beauty August 2014 Edition 1

I was a little disappointed by this months Love Me Beauty box menus, I made my decision based on the Marsk eyeshadow shades available and when I received my box I did feel a little happier, although this box isn't the most exciting I've ever received, all the products are decent sizes and mostly things I'll use.

Mirabella Lip Luster Liner In 'Bashful' £10.50 Full Size
I don't use lip liner very often as I tend to find they dry out my already dry lips but this one is gorgeous, the shade is a bright sparkly pink that glides on easily leaving a subtle coat of pink. It's a really good lip liner but I wouldn't buy this myself as I think £10.50 is too much for a lip liner. 

Oriflame Ecollogen Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream £16.95 Full Size
I wasn't particularly in need of an eye cream right now as I've just repurchased my Origins Ginzing eye cream but this seems great, I love an eye cream that applies with a roller ball as the cool metal instantly depuffs any bags that might have appeared under my eyes. This is an anti-wrinkle eye cream but as I don't really have any wrinkles just yet I can't comment on that aspect of the Oriflame eye cream but it does seem to improve the appearance of my bags and shadows, I'm pretty impressed that this is a full size product as it's worth more than the price of the box by itself.

A La Carte Smudge-Proof Eye Brow Definer in 'Blonde' £23.00 Full Size
I've never really used a pen to do my brows before as I find it a lot easier to get the right gingery shade by mixing a couple of brow powders but this has a slight orange tone to it so I'm going to give it a go especially as it's worth £23.00 and if it's not right for me I'm such my mom will happily take it off my hands. 

Marsk Mineral Eye Shadow in 'You're Toast' £14.49
The Marsk eyeshadow was the product I was most excited about in this month's box, I received a Marsk eyeshadow in this month's You Beauty Discovery box before this box was delivered and I was really impressed with it. I got a gold shade called 'Rich List' which is absolutely beautiful, it has impressive pigmentation and surprisingly little fallout for a loose powder eyeshadow. The shade I chose for my Love Me Beauty box was 'You're Toast' which is a yellow toned copper shade, I must admit I was expecting something a little more brown or rusty from the name but I like the shade none the less and it goes really well with the other gold toned Marsk shadow that I have. I have been really impressed by this shadow and am definitely considering buying more shades from the brand as the quality is fantastic.

 Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream Sample Size
 This wasn't on the menus for this month's box so I'm assuming this is a bonus product for completing five surveys on my Love Me Beauty account. I received a full size version of the body lotion in this scent in my last box (again a bonus product) and wasn't too keen but the hand cream seems a little less over bearing scent wise and is the perfect size to slip in my handbag so I'm sure I'll get plenty of use out of this now the weather's gotten colder.

Overall a pretty good box this month but I do feel that I have received quite a few lip liners and eyebrow products from Love Me Beauty now and it would be nice for them to mix it up a bit. You can sign up to Love Me Beauty here for £10.00 per month (+p&p).

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