Monday, 8 September 2014

A Little Soap & Glory Haul

On one of Boots recent 3 for 2 events I treated myself to a little stash of Soap & Glory goodies and yes there are only 5 items here as my mom also bought herself something from the Orangeasm range.
I'll be honest I've never been that happy with my body but I become especially self conscious in the summer, my main body woes being my wobbly bum and thighs, I think my hormones got a little confused in my teens and instead of growing boobs like all my friends my bum and hips seemed to double in size almost overnight. Now I've pretty much come to terms with my pear shaped form and I actually like my big bum but it's a completely different story when the weather warms up and my legs come out of hiding. I have horrible stretch marks and cellulite, even when I was a size 8, so I'm always on the lookout for products that can help the appearance of my bum and legs. I've been using this a couple of months now and I do feel a little less self conscious, the stretch marks are still there but the skin certainly seems more even and it smells fantastic, really minty and fresh.

I've always enjoyed using Soap &Glory's Righteous Butter and I was quite excited to hear that they had released a new orange scented range and it definitely didn't disappoint Orangeasm smells incredible and leaves my skin feeling really soft.

I usually go for Mist You Madly but I decided to try out Girligo for a change, it smells really nice and has the added bonus of moisturising the skin at the same time as leaving you smelling sweet and girly.

Along with the Orangeasm Body Butter I also picked up the Orangeasm Body Wash which smells equally fantastic, I haven't tried it yet but in general I tend to like Soap & Glory shower gels so I'm looking forward to using this.

Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush Body Scrub is probably my favourite product from the brand so I couldn't wait to try their new body wash in the same scent and it smells just as delicious as the scrub as well as leaving my skin really soft. However it doesn't really foam up very well which is a bit annoying as I prefer my shower gels to be a bit more foamy. 
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