Friday, 3 October 2014

Product Review- Lush Phoenix Rising

I haven't bought Phoenix Rising for quite a while and had forgotten just how fantastic it smells, a heady mix of cinnamon, bergamot and jojoba that leaves me feeling super relaxed. Looks wise it's one of Lush's prettiest bombs, in my opinion, with a plum coloured outer shell covered with gold shimmer hiding a pale green center and a stick of cinnamon on the top. It fizzled away really quickly turning the water a deep pink colour with swirls of gold shimmer and foam that felt really girly and indulgent. 
One thing that bothered me a little was the amount of cocoa butter and shea butter in the bomb which left my skin and the bath feeling a little slimy and greasy, I'm pretty sure there wasn't as much butter in the bomb when I've tried it in the past but as Lush are constantly trying to improve their products I assume they decided this one needed to be more moisturising. My skin did feel very soft once I'd dried off but I'm still not a fan of so much butter in my bath. 
Unfortunately as this is one of Lush's more deeply hued bath bombs it did leave a pink line around the tub and it also dyed my toe nails quite pink which I've never had happen with any other Lush products and took a few days to fade away.
I think next time I buy Phoenix Rising I'll try and get two baths out of the bomb instead of dropping the whole thing in which would hopefully mean I don't emerge from my tub feeling slimy and having to scrub my bath and my toe nails.

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