Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lush Christmas- So White

Inspired by Lush's beloved So White Bath Bomb this shower gel has a light sweet and refreshing scent with fresh apple, rose absolute, rose water and bergamot, together it creates an unusual scent that is very much like the bomb but much heavier on the apple tones. 
The shower gel is white with a light snowflake lustre running through it which makes for a very festive shower and is perfect to get you in the mood for a Christmas party. One thing that some people may find annoying about So White is that it has a much thinner watery feel than most of Lush's shower gels meaning it can get used up pretty quickly, I think maybe the addition of the rose water perhaps makes it a little bit more runny but it's not something that has particularly bothered me when using this. 
I absolutely adore this shower gel I just love the scent and it really lasts on my skin after a shower as well as leaving me with soft fresh feeling skin, it's perfect to perk you up on a cold dark winter morning and definitely something I'll be repurchasing when it's run out.

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  1. I smelt this in Lush the other day and it's so good! I really need to buy some before Christmas is out!

    Bethan Likes

  2. This looks so lovely, I definitely need some more Lush products.

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