Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist

Well it's my birthday tomorrow yep I'm turning the ripe old age of 24, literally everyone I work with thought I was about 19, but anyway I thought I'd share with you the things I've been wishing for this year.
The main thing I've asked for this year is a new hairdryer, I don't tend to use the one we have at home as it's mega old and makes my hair super frizzy so I usually just let my hair dry naturally but as it's grown really long it takes literally hours to dry so I had a look around at all the fancy hairdryers on the market and decided I really like the look of this Vidal Sassoon beauty.
As usual I've asked for a number of dvds to add to my evergrowing collection, I have quite mixed taste in films hence why this list contains Godzilla and Yves Saint Laurent.
Beauty wise I would love a new bottle of Elie Saab as it's my faviorite frangrance for winter, of course I had to include a Topshop Lipstick as they're my latest obsession so I went for for a lovely pink called All About Me and as I want to take a bit more care styling my hair in the new year I'd love a shampoo and conditioner from Bumble And Bumble I did want the Let It Shine ones but they're sold out so I think I'd like the Seaweed pair instead.
I recently bought a lovely burgundy Mac from Debenhams and I spotted the faux fur collar from River Island a few weeks ago which I think will look fab with it and make it a bit more festive. 

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