Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Lush Christmas- Butterbear


I'm sure you're all familiar with Lush's Butterball bath bomb, if not it's a small bath bomb packed with cocoa butter which is supposed to give you super soft skin, in all honesty I'm not a fan of Butterball as I find the cocoa butter a bit excessive and feel a bit like a greased chicken when I get out of the bath. That being said I decided to give Butterbear a chance as it's smaller than Butterball so I was hoping there would be less cocoa butter in this and also it's shaped like an adorable bear which is always a bonus. 
This is essentially the same as Butterball scent wise with cocoa butter and ylang ylang oil but Butterbear also contains Cocoa powder to give it a sweeter more vanilla like frangrance. 
He is packed with cocoa butter which as you can see floated around the tub in little bubbles on top of the water and I think there was just enough in this to leave my skin feeling super soft but not as slimy as with Butterball. 
I'll be honest I wasn't hugely impressed with this but it's definitely better than Butterball for me and it makes a nice break from the rest of the brightly coloured super sweet smelling products in Lush's Christmas range.

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  1. ah I need to try this!!xx


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