Saturday, 13 December 2014

Lush Christmas- The Christmas Hedgehog

This is a very cute Christmas bubble bar, shaped like a hedgehog it's a white bubble bar topped with a spikey layer of blue cocoa butter and shea butter to leave skin feeling soft and smooth with plenty of shimmer and tiny white stars to insure a super festive looking bubble bar.
I'll admit I was kind of swayed by the adorable design of this bubble bar as I wasn't particularly keen on the scent when I gave it a sniff in the store but I was hoping it was just the overbearing sweet scent of Lush's other products that was making this seem a little sour. Unfortunately the fragrance didn't smell any better once I got home, it's hard to describe, the mixture of  lavender oil, rose absolute and ylang ylang oil make a nice floral scent but the addition of Brazilian orange oil gives it a bitter edge that just doesn't seem to work too well.
I got two baths out of the bar, it made loads of fluffy bubbles but because of the large amount of cocoa and shea butters in The Christmas Hedgehog the bubbles didn't last as long as they would with a normal bubble bar.  

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