Monday, 15 December 2014

Lush Christmas- Cinders

Cinders is a little orange bomb with a warm spicy scent combining sweet orange oil, almond essential oil and cinnamon leaf oil to recreate the feel of curling up in front of the fire on a cold winters night, it's also stuffed with popping candy to help you imagine the crackling of an open fire. 
It's quite a small bomb and it fizzled away really quickly turning the water a pale orange and leaving the orange sea salt lying on the bottom of the tub, compared to the rest of Lush's Christmas range Cinders is fairly low-key, it doesn't release a rainbow of coloured foam or fill the water with glitter it just fizzes away leaving you with a warm cosy scent that's perfect for a pre-bedtime bath after a busy day Christmas shopping or in my case a long day of fitting bras. 
This is also my mom's favourite bomb from the Christmas range and I think this is largely due to the fact you don't have to scrub your bath tub after you've used it like you have to with Lush's more glittery bombs. I do think Lush should consider adding this to their permanent range, it's a nice contrast to most of Lush's sweet smelling products, it's not overly Christmassy and I would enjoy using this all year round not just in December as it's nice and relaxing. 

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