Thursday, 18 December 2014

Lush Christmas- Snowman Jelly

I adore Lush's shower jelly's they always leave my skin feeling more soft and hydrated than proper shower gels and Lush do some fantastic scents, my absolute favourite was Calacas which was a limited edition Sugarskull shaped jelly for Halloween a couple of years ago I've been disappointed each year that they haven't brought it back so I was really excited to see a brand new jelly in Lush's Christmas range.
Snowman is a festive shaped jelly that is a little less firm than Lush's permanent jelly's, Snowman is quite floppy and after my first use of it I found that he split in half and I ended up with a head and a body which to be honest made it a lot easier to use and hold on to. I would normally pop my usual jelly's in the freezer to make them a little more firm so that they end up lasting a little longer but as it's so cold right now I've kept this one in the bathroom. 
This smells so so good as soon as I opened up the tub I could smell the sweet tropical scent and I was immediately reminded of Lush's brilliant Carrot Soap from Easter this year which had the exact same scent. This wonderful little snowman has a beautiful mix of Carrot Infusion, Buchu Oil, Sicillian Lemon Oil and Bergamot Oil which combine to make a fruity tropical scent that really helps me wake up in the morning.

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  1. this looks great! I bet it smells lovely x


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