Tuesday, 2 December 2014

MAC Heirloom Mix Pressed Pigment in Enchantment

I often find myself taking a little detour to the MAC counter on my way through work and one evening after work I decided to take a look at their new Keepsake collection which comprises of three very pretty eye shadow palettes when I also spotted their Heirloom Mix Collection. 
The Heirloom Mix Collection is quite a large holiday range with a nice array of lip colours, nail varnish's and other bits and bobs but I was immediately drawn to the pressed pigments which come in 8 different sparkly shades housed in equally sparkly pots. 
The shade I picked up is Enchantment, on the MAC site this shade is described as a 'violet with blue violet sparkles' I find it leans much more towards a blackened blue than violet but there are definitely purple tones in the glitter when the light hits it, which shows more in my first swatch photo which was taken without the flash. 
The shade is absolutely beautiful but the colour payoff isn't quite as impressive as MAC's eyeshadows and you have to really go over your lids a few times to get the opacity shown in the swatch photos, you can get much better opacity by wetting your brush first but it's still not as bold as my MAC eye shadows. I have been wearing this over other shadows to add a bit of sparkle to some of my darker shades and I can see myself getting lots of use out of it over the holiday season as it's perfect for a night out.
This retails for £17.00 which is a bit over priced in my opinion and I think £15 would be a more reasonable price as the usual shadows are only £13 and the colour payoff on these isn't outstanding in comparison to the standard range, that being said I'm quite tempted by Victorian Plum which is a very pretty purple.

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