Saturday, 31 January 2015

My Little Energy Box- January 2015

Another month where I've been delighted with My Little Box, this months theme like most beauty boxes was based around getting healthy and exercising but they set themselves apart with their own cute and quirky designs as well as including lifestyle products I'll actually use.

First up was this adorable little wall calendar which is filled with cute patterns and illustrations themed around each individual month, I'm trying to find somewhere to hang this as it's really useful and a nice size.

Next up subscribers received this light weight gym bag, I can't see me using this for the gym as I'm far from a gym bunny but it's ideal for carting things to the beach in the summer so I'll probably take this to Tenby with me, it doesn't look overly durable but it's pretty cute and really shows My Little Boxes quirky aesthetic.

The Beauty Bits: 

Nails Inc Nail Varnish in Tate
I was happy to see a Nails Inc polish in my box however I already own this shade as I got it free with a magazine a while ago so I might pass this on to a friend.

My Little Beauty Energising Mist
As always My Little Box included a product from their own beauty line, This month subscribers were treated to an energising mist I assume this is to tie in with the overall exercise theme so you can cool yourself down after a workout and give your skin an added moisture boost, again this is a product I can see myself getting a lot of use out of in the summer.  

Talika Photo-Hydra Day
This rather expensive moisturiser (£43.50 for a full size bottle) claims to use natural light to hydrate deep inside the skin I have no idea how that works but my skin has been quite dry recently so I'm willing to try something new to try to rehydrate it and make it a bit softer. 

You can subscribe to My Little Box here for £11.00 per month +p&p.

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Lush Valentines 2015- Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Lush have really gone all out with their Valentines range this year and the one thing which seems to have grabbed most Lush fans attention including mine is the exceptionally pretty Unicorn Horn, it really is the most girly Lush product ever with swirling pastel colours covered in a light lustre and a smattering of little stars, it's the kind of thing I could imagine Hello Kitty popping in her bath. 
Scent wise I was a bit disappointed I was anticipating something a bit more sugary based on it's appearance, it actually has a light soothing scent with lavender oil, neroli oil and ylang ylang oil which is great for a pre bedtime soak, it smells really strong as a bar but once I'd crumbled half of it into my bath the scent was quite weak compared to most Lush products. 
Half of the bar created an impressive amount of bubbles and they lasted throughout my bath without really decreasing which I was very pleased about.
 Despite it's very colourful and bright design it didn't do much to my water apart from turning it a slight pinky purple colour, I know a lot of people have been disappointed by this aspect of Unicorn Horn but it's not something that particularly bothered me as I feel that if I want a brightly coloured bath I'd usually go for a bath bomb as opposed to a bubble bar.
Overall Unicorn Horn is a very pretty Valentines bubble bar and it's great if you're looking to unwind at the end of a busy day but it didn't wow me and I'm not really that into the scent so I won't be buying another one of these.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Birchbox- January 2015

Well my January Birchbox was very much hit and miss, I was very pleased to see the REN and Phillip Kingsley bits but the rest of the box just didn't wow me although I guess they all fit in with this months partnership with Womens Health.

Stila Lip Glaze in Gleam
This is a lovely sparkly nude gloss from Stila but unfortunately it's just not my kind of lip product, I hate anything that feels sticky or thick both of which this does, it also has a very sugary sweet scent thats just a bit strong for me. I'm sure most subscribers will feel pretty pleased to find this in their box but it's just not for me.

Healgel Intensive
I'll be honest I'm a little confused by this, it says to apply it to areas of concern two to three times a day avoiding unbroken skin but it can also be used as a make-up primer, I feel it's a bit too watery for me to use it as a primer but I'll probably use this in the evening once I've taken my make-up off to add a bit of extra moisture to any dry bits on my face.

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask
Probably the best thing in my January box, a nice little brightening face mask from REN which promises to remove impurities and leave you with a radiant complexion, this is exactly the type of mask I'd go out and buy for myself and I have been bookmarking a few things from REN in the past few months so I'm looking forward to trying this.

Activbod Cooling Finish Lotion
As much as I intend to exercise it never seems to happen so I haven't had chance to try this yet and it's definitely not the kind of product I'd go out and buy myself but I'll probably find a use for this if I ever get off my lazy bum.

Phillip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner
The other winner in my January box is this Phillip Kingsley conditioner, I love the Elasticizer and have been meaning to try some of their other products so I was delighted to see this and I'm always after more volume for my hair so I can't wait to use this.

Embrace Matcha Green Tea
I love tea but I'm not big on green tea but I'm willing to give this a go as it's supposed to be super healthy.

Birchbox & Women's Health Exclusive Pilates Band
A nice little extra to finish off the health themed box and I've promised myself I'll try to use this at least once a week to do some sort of exercise.

So yeah a hit and miss for me this month but as I'm usually pretty pleased with my boxes I'm still looking forward to my February box, you can sign up to Birchbox here for £10 per month +p&p.

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Models Own Speckled Egg Nail Varnish- Magpie Green

I love Models Own nail varnishes but I don't usually feel the need to rush out and buy their latest collections and I can't say I really like the look of their new Colour Chrome collection, but the Speckled Egg range did kind of peak my interest when they came out. So when I went to The Clothes Show and saw that Models Own had an offer for 3 nail varnishes for £10 I decided to treat myself to Magpie Green which is a beautiful shade of turquoise. 
All of the Speckled Egg shades have matte black glitter in them of different sizes, the polish itself is really thin which I guess it has to be so that you can see the glitter in all the layers and get the speckled effect like a chocolate mini egg. However because it is so thin it took a good four layers to reach opacity which meant it has chipped fairly easily and it didn't have a very even finish, I think next time I use it I'll apply it over a plain white polish so I don't have to apply so many layers and hopefully it should last a little longer. 


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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Accessories Wishlist


Why is it when my bank balance is seriously low I always see loads of pretty things I wish I could afford? Luckily payday is just around the corner and I will finally be paid for all the hideous hours I worked over Christmas so I've been rather over zelous with bookmarking pretty much everything that catches my eye, obviously my wages won't stretch that far and I won't be treating myself to a Vivienne Westwood purse but hey a girl can dream. Anyway because I've bookmarked quite a few things this month I decided to split my January wishlist into two posts and today I'll just be sharing with you all the accessories and beauty bits that I'm lusting after. 

I feel quite happy with my shoe collection at the moment, it's no secret that I adore chunky shoes and having bought a couple of new pairs in the sales (you can see those here) I'm trying to not buy any new shoes for a good while but there are a couple of more expensive brands I've always wanted to add to my collection. Firstly Jeffrey Campbell has always been high up on my wishlist and these platform boots are absolutely incredible and also Dr Martens which I have had rather an obsession with since I was a little teenage goth, whilst I no longer dress soley in black I still like my footwear to be a bit edgy and the spike covered boots found at Union Jack Boots are just perfect.

My love affair with Topshop make-up continues with yet more new shades of lipstick I'd like to add to my stash as well as two very pretty shades of eyeshadow, seriously Explorer has got to be mine, and unsurprisingly a nail varnish although it's not a shade I'd normally go for I quite like the look of the sparkly pink colour. I could do with a new foundation brush and Topshop have some really pretty brushes so I may have to treat myself to their stippling brush when payday rolls around.
I could really use a new watch and I may have to sneakily send Pete a link to both the rose gold one from Oasis and the chunky black one from Aldo in the hopes he might get the hint before Valentines day or failing that our annivesary.

I don't really buy jewellery very often as I tend to find something I like and then wear it to death but there are a couple of new bits which I've bookmarked this month the main piece being the pale blue coated necklace from Oasis, I spotted it at work and I haven't stopped sneaking peaks at it ever since, it's just such a pretty colour. 
Lastly I been coveting this mustard satchel bag from Topshop which I really don't need but it's a great colour and the perfect size i.e. big enough to fit a book in without being huge.

What's caught your eye this month?

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

NOTD: Barry M Gelly's A/W Shades

I used Barry M Gelly Nail Varnishes in:

Lychee has fast become one of my favourite nude shades when it comes to my nails and when I picked up a few of the newer Gelly shades last month I thought they'd make a nice combination but I couldn't quite decide how to make them work together. So when I popped into Topshop and saw one of their double ended nail dotting tools on sale for just £1 it seemed like the perfect solution, I really like how Paprika and Chilli look and I think the different sized dots make for a simple but interesting design but Mustard just doesn't quite work against the pale background of Lychee. 

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Saturday, 17 January 2015

You Beauty Discovery- January 2015

Sadly I was disappointed again this month with the choice of products on the YBD and I am considering cancelling my subscription as I have been let down by my past three boxes and I don't want to keep getting products I'm not that bothered about.
As usual there was a few free samples which were sent to all subscribers along with a your own choice of two products from thier menu.

Free Samples:

Dragonfly Tea
I love tea but I've never been that keen on green tea, but as I'm doing the mandatory January health kick like everyone else I would like to find a green tea that I don't hate so I will be trying all of these.

£25 Hello Fresh Gift Card
I've had a couple of these Hello Fresh gift cards and have never used them, it seems like quite a good idea you basically get sent boxes of ingredients to create healthy meals in around 30 mins but as the cheapest subscription package seems to be about £39 I won't be trying this even with the discount.

Dove Hair BB Cream
I'm not a huge fan of Dove haircare so this will probably be passed on to my mother.

My Choices: 

Afyna Organic Detoxifying Body Scrub
The first product I went for was a body scrub, admittedly it's not the most exciting product in the world but it is something I knew I'd definitely use, I've never heard of Afyna but this scrub is described as a gentle organic exfoliating gel that uses apricot kernels to polish away dead skin cells it also contains carefully selected essential oils which encourage the body to detoxify and reduce the signs of cellulite. I've only used it a couple of times but I have been impressed with it, it has a sharp sweet scent thanks to the grapefruit which definitely wakes me up in the morning and it definitely leaves my skin feeling super soft but I can't see it having much effect on my cellulite.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
I've heard a lot of good things about DHC but have never tried any of thier products so this was the only item on this months menu that I was really excited about, I was worried that it would feel too thick or greasy on my skin as the main ingredients are olive oil and vitamin e but I've used it once and it seems pretty good. You apply it to your dry face and then add water which makes it into a milky substance that then rinses away, I was suprised at how easily it rinsed off and I wasn't left with sticky shiny skin like I had anticipated but instead my skin felt really hydrated and nourished I did follow up with my lightest moisturiser after using this as my skin didn't really feel like it needed much extra in terms of moisturising. I can see this little sample lasting me for quite a while as you only need a little bit and it's not quite strong enough to become my everyday cleanser but it's great for days when I haven't worn a ton of make-up or my skins feeling a bit dry. 

You can sign up to You Beauty Discovery here for £6,95 a month.

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