Friday, 2 January 2015

2014 Round Up

2014 was a funny old year for me, I did lots of nice things including a bunch of mini breaks; I went to Chester, Manchester, Watford and Tenby with Pete, I went to Chester again with Beth, I went to Llandudno with my mom and Pete and I spent another week in Tenby with my parents. 
I really grew to resent having days off in the week when everyone else is at work so I put in a load of day off requests at work and made the most of my days off with trips to Comic-Con, the Warner Bros Studio Tour, multiple trips to the theatre where I saw Evita and Cats and I finally went to the Clothes Show.
The most exciting part of my year was when Pete proposed, we were in Tenby for our 6 year anniversary and we took a trip to Fresh Water West to see the beach where they filmed part of the last Harry potter films, we were walking through the sand dunes when Pete got down on one knee and pulled out the ring, I was honestly speechless and it took me a little while to make any words come out and of course I said yes. We're having a long engagement and are currently looking to get married in 2017, in Tenby of course.
Another very important part of the year was when Pete's mom brought home two tiny kittens called Mary and May, I just love them so much, despite being a tiny bit allergic every now and then, they are so adorable and have their own little quirks. 
Now on to the slightly down side to my year I've really struggled with my anxiety this year and it has made me quite depressed at times, I always try to be quite open with you all and honestly that's the main reason I haven't been blogging as much this year because I just have days, even weeks, where it's all I can do to get out of bed and drag myself to work. I saw a counselor for 7 months and it helped a bit but it just wasn't really helping enough so I stopped that and I'm planning to go back to the doctor this month and try and sort myself out. 

I did make a few resolutions last year; I wanted to learn to drive, blog more, draw more and be happier, well I achieved one of those and have been learning to drive since October.
And here are my resolutions for this year:
- Get my driving license and get a car
- Get a new job with more hours 
- Start some kind of exercise routine not to lose weight just to feel a little healthier
- Start planning my wedding
- Learn to cook at least 10 recipes 
-Save as much money as I can

So I have quite ambitious plans for 2015, wish me luck

: ]

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  1. Such lovely pictures! I need to blog more too, happy new year :)


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