Thursday, 22 January 2015

Accessories Wishlist


Why is it when my bank balance is seriously low I always see loads of pretty things I wish I could afford? Luckily payday is just around the corner and I will finally be paid for all the hideous hours I worked over Christmas so I've been rather over zelous with bookmarking pretty much everything that catches my eye, obviously my wages won't stretch that far and I won't be treating myself to a Vivienne Westwood purse but hey a girl can dream. Anyway because I've bookmarked quite a few things this month I decided to split my January wishlist into two posts and today I'll just be sharing with you all the accessories and beauty bits that I'm lusting after. 

I feel quite happy with my shoe collection at the moment, it's no secret that I adore chunky shoes and having bought a couple of new pairs in the sales (you can see those here) I'm trying to not buy any new shoes for a good while but there are a couple of more expensive brands I've always wanted to add to my collection. Firstly Jeffrey Campbell has always been high up on my wishlist and these platform boots are absolutely incredible and also Dr Martens which I have had rather an obsession with since I was a little teenage goth, whilst I no longer dress soley in black I still like my footwear to be a bit edgy and the spike covered boots found at Union Jack Boots are just perfect.

My love affair with Topshop make-up continues with yet more new shades of lipstick I'd like to add to my stash as well as two very pretty shades of eyeshadow, seriously Explorer has got to be mine, and unsurprisingly a nail varnish although it's not a shade I'd normally go for I quite like the look of the sparkly pink colour. I could do with a new foundation brush and Topshop have some really pretty brushes so I may have to treat myself to their stippling brush when payday rolls around.
I could really use a new watch and I may have to sneakily send Pete a link to both the rose gold one from Oasis and the chunky black one from Aldo in the hopes he might get the hint before Valentines day or failing that our annivesary.

I don't really buy jewellery very often as I tend to find something I like and then wear it to death but there are a couple of new bits which I've bookmarked this month the main piece being the pale blue coated necklace from Oasis, I spotted it at work and I haven't stopped sneaking peaks at it ever since, it's just such a pretty colour. 
Lastly I been coveting this mustard satchel bag from Topshop which I really don't need but it's a great colour and the perfect size i.e. big enough to fit a book in without being huge.

What's caught your eye this month?

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