Saturday, 17 January 2015

You Beauty Discovery- January 2015

Sadly I was disappointed again this month with the choice of products on the YBD and I am considering cancelling my subscription as I have been let down by my past three boxes and I don't want to keep getting products I'm not that bothered about.
As usual there was a few free samples which were sent to all subscribers along with a your own choice of two products from thier menu.

Free Samples:

Dragonfly Tea
I love tea but I've never been that keen on green tea, but as I'm doing the mandatory January health kick like everyone else I would like to find a green tea that I don't hate so I will be trying all of these.

£25 Hello Fresh Gift Card
I've had a couple of these Hello Fresh gift cards and have never used them, it seems like quite a good idea you basically get sent boxes of ingredients to create healthy meals in around 30 mins but as the cheapest subscription package seems to be about £39 I won't be trying this even with the discount.

Dove Hair BB Cream
I'm not a huge fan of Dove haircare so this will probably be passed on to my mother.

My Choices: 

Afyna Organic Detoxifying Body Scrub
The first product I went for was a body scrub, admittedly it's not the most exciting product in the world but it is something I knew I'd definitely use, I've never heard of Afyna but this scrub is described as a gentle organic exfoliating gel that uses apricot kernels to polish away dead skin cells it also contains carefully selected essential oils which encourage the body to detoxify and reduce the signs of cellulite. I've only used it a couple of times but I have been impressed with it, it has a sharp sweet scent thanks to the grapefruit which definitely wakes me up in the morning and it definitely leaves my skin feeling super soft but I can't see it having much effect on my cellulite.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
I've heard a lot of good things about DHC but have never tried any of thier products so this was the only item on this months menu that I was really excited about, I was worried that it would feel too thick or greasy on my skin as the main ingredients are olive oil and vitamin e but I've used it once and it seems pretty good. You apply it to your dry face and then add water which makes it into a milky substance that then rinses away, I was suprised at how easily it rinsed off and I wasn't left with sticky shiny skin like I had anticipated but instead my skin felt really hydrated and nourished I did follow up with my lightest moisturiser after using this as my skin didn't really feel like it needed much extra in terms of moisturising. I can see this little sample lasting me for quite a while as you only need a little bit and it's not quite strong enough to become my everyday cleanser but it's great for days when I haven't worn a ton of make-up or my skins feeling a bit dry. 

You can sign up to You Beauty Discovery here for £6,95 a month.

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